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Approved NPC Dr. Vael Themasa, Dean of Wyyrlok-Solusar

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Professor of Alchemy

Intent: To create an NPC Dean/Headmaster for the Wyyrlok-Solusar College of the Force to avoid unnecessary politics.
​Image Credit: Wookieepedia
Role: Dean, Professor
Links: The Wyyrlok-Solusar College of the Force

Age: Old
Force Sensitivity: Master
Species: Chagrian
Appearance: A chagrian who enjoys adorning his bottom horns with gold decorations. Often sports brown robes.

Name: Dr. Vael Themasa
Loyalties: His students, faculty, and the University.
Wealth: Wealthy enough not to worry about getting by, poor enough not to be throwing around stupid amounts of credits.
Notable Possessions: Nothing super important
Shii-cho Master
Force Stealth
Personality: Friendly, if a bit intense. Always tried to motivate students to think from different perspectives, often answering a student's question only to make her think of three more.

Weapon of Choice:
Lightsaber, the Force
Combat Function: Themasa’s main goal is to protect his students, and his fighting tendencies often reflect that. Rather than go for the kill he’ll aim to take as much time from as many opponents as possible. His go-to is extensive telekinesis, whether using fine manipulation, ballistakinesis, or pure brute force. He is also skilled with his lightsaber, which also functions as a walking stick, but his physical prime is far behind him.

Themasa is intentionally vague when describing his history. He mentions at times fighting in war, but never discusses who he fought for, or when exactly he fought, instead focusing on intensely personal descriptions of his experience. Many students make theories as whether he fought for the Sith Empire, or was Jedi in the Galactic Alliance, or if he was a solo Sith in the Lords of the Fringe. He is much more open about his post-war going days, when he joined the Jal Shey and began to look at the Force in a more intellectual light. Themasa learned a lot, but ultimately butted heads with the Jal Shey, disagreeing with them in the value of pursuing the Force in a martial capacity. While the Jal Shey argued it was largely pointless, Themasa argued it was necessary to defend Force Users to be able to defend themselves from other Force Users and in special situations, noting the Omni and Akala Crises as events where defending oneself was necessary for survival.

Ultimately Themasa left the Jal Shey, still considering himself a Jal Shey in spirit, but of a more ‘orthodox’ bent. He began petitioning different Universities for the opportunity to create a college dedicated to the academic study and teaching of the Force, and after extensive interviews and vetting process the University of Obroa-Skai began breaking ground to create a state-of-the-art facility to look at the Force in a unique manner.
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