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Approved NPC Dr. Tabitha Crowe

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тнє ναмριяє ℓσя∂

Name: Dr. Tabitha Crowe a.k.a. The Mad Witch

Loyalties: Satia

Role: Slave, Teacher, Sidekick

Development Threads: If Necessary

Age: 43

Species: Dathomirian

Appearance: Dr. Crowe stands at 5'9 with a slender, but toned slender frame. She possess long magenta hair that is braided with leather strips in some areas. Her eyes are a mixture of blue and white, the latter a result from an explosion when she was younger. There is a claw-like scar residing on the left side of her cheek, and to this day she won't talk about how she got it. Her outfit consists of tight black leather pants with a red belt mainly for accessory purposes and a black/green shirt that is also tight fitting. Black calf high boots adorn her feet. She uses goggles when working, a lesson she learned from her previous accident, and a unique breathing apparatus that is utilized while also working.

Personality: She is outspoken and passionate. She can tend to be on the annoying side when describing projects in great detail. She has a nasty habit of chewing on her bottom lip and rubbing the scar. She, can at times, lean on the egotistical side. She has trust issues, but once she does trust a person, she trusts them for life.

Force Sensitivity: No

Weapon of Choice: N/A

Skills: She is a Biogenetics Engineer, skilled in all things associated with genetics.

Wealth: Average

Combat Function: In the event she sees combat, she will run and hide. She has no fighting skills and prefers to live a life of a scientist.

Notable Possessions: A library of datapads associated with Biogenetic Engineering and Medicine.

History: Despite her species, she was born on Coruscant where she was accepted into the Biogenetic Engineering Institute as she matured. Here she began to learn her skill set. However, some of her methods and projects were borderline unethical, raising alarms in the eyes of her colleagues. After graduation, she went to work for an independent firm, where her talents were praised. However, her methods began to draw skepticism from the those that owned the firm. After her recklessness in the lab that resulted in an explosion, where she received the white color in her eyes, that costs the lives of five scientists; she was fired and blacklisted from working anywhere on Coruscant.

Deciding to leave the planet, she scoured the galaxy working odd jobs for seedy characters. One of her bosses, a criminal mind type enslaved her when she refused to create some kind of genetic super soldier. During her enslavement, her psyche was tainted and turned her into The Mad Witch. With her morals drained and the concept of right now in ruins; she began conducting experiments and creating genetic atrocities. Fearing his own creation, he exiled her to the planet of Bastion to work in one of his hidden labs.

During the assault on Bastion by The Sith Ascendency, the lab was partially destroyed and she was forced to fend for herself; surviving by any means possible. While roaming the streets, she was stumbled upon Satia, a Sith in the service of the Ascendency, and was spared only to be imprisoned later. Satia was curious about this girl, and after extensive talks with her, Satia lobbied the Circle to mandate Dr. Crowe into her custody.

Dr. Crowe began to teach Satia about Biogenetic Engineering, and as Satia was part Arkania, the Sith took to it. Now the two work close together and have lobbied the Lords for them to undergo a project of erecting a Biogenetic Engineering lab on Bastion.

Intent: Twofold. The first part is purely for roleplay purposes with Satia. The second part is to teach her more and more about Biogenetic Engineering.

Image Credit: Google search, masked anime characters (steampunk)
Satia said:
Combat Function: None (will not see combat)
Could you please provide a few sentences instead of putting "none." It's good to see how a character would act if ever they find themselves in a life-or-death moment. Do they run, hide, fight for their lives? It doesn't need be lengthy, but surely they'd do something.

Otherwise great job on the formatting, this is a well-written submission.
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