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Approved Tech Dr. Mur's Lightsaber

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Professor of Alchemy

Simon Mur's lightsaber hilt, unignited and showing the division between inner and outer blade

Simon Mur's lightsaber, with only the inner blade ignited.


Simon Mur's lightsaber, with both blades ignited.


  • Intent: A person weapon for Dr. Simon Mur
  • Image Source: Me. I made that. Using Solid Edge software
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A
  • Manufacturer: Dr. Simon Mur
  • Affiliation: Simon Mur
  • Model: N/A
  • Modularity: Could change crystal out

  • Production: Unique

  • Material: Sith-Alchemized Durasteel
  • Classification: Lightsaber
  • Size: Average
  • Weight: Light
  • Sith-Alchemized Durasteel - Makes hilt lightsaber resistant
  • Dual Blades - Simon Mur's lighsaber actually emits one regular blade and one hollow blade around it, to better deflect differing types of lightsaber bolts.
  • Sith Alchemized Hilt - The hilt of Simon's Mur's lightsaber has been alchemized to provide unnatural strength, allowing it to survive strikes from opponent's lightsabers.
  • Outer Blade - Simon Mur's lightsaber possesses two blades, the outer of which is a 3mm wide ring. This bends Ssi-Ruuvi Stun Bolts, allowing the bolts to bent away from the lightsaber wielder. Regular blaster bolts however, penetrate right through the beam.
  • Inner Blade - Simon Mur's Lightsaber has a second blade, hidden within the first, with a diameter of about 26mm. This deflects standard blaster bolts that penetrate through the outer blade.
  • Limited Internals - While lightsabers do not use power until they cut something, and thus Mur's Lightsaber doesn't expend any more power than a regular lightsaber, the process of powering two separate blades in a single one-saber hilt and calibrating them both to serve functions was an involved process of mechanics and circuitry. As such Mur's lightsaber does not enjoy the potential to say, ignite underwater, cut through cortosis via taking out dimetris circuits, or adding a VT-Lens to deal with Yuuzhan Vong. There is simply not enough space available in the internals to add any new things.
  • Deflection Precision - Deflecting regular blaster bolts isn't handles as precisely due to the outer blade, and as such they cannot be directed back to opponents, as the bolt dissipates after about 3 meters after deflection
Lightsabers are a very functional asset to any Force Wielders arsenal. Simon Mur prefers to use them to protect himself as opposed to a cut-through-almost anything device, but the recent rise of Ssi-Ruuvi Ion Beam technology a choice must often be made as to what to deflect. Not satisfied with having to make a choice, or even a switch as some modern Force Users have, he went to see if he could find a way to deflect both at once. Ultimately getting them in a single blade proved too difficult to justify, but relieving himself of the 'single blade' limitation proved to be elucidating. As such Simon Mur bends away Ssi-Ruuvi with the outer ring, and regular blaster bolts with the inner blade. It proved to be a costly upgrade, taking up a lot of space in the internals and now allowing for several upgrades commonly used for those frequenting lightsaber v lightsaber combat, but Mur decided that was a trade he was willing to make for upgraded ranged protection.
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