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Don't Worry, I Still Remember You {Ventasia}

Antoir Setrrin

I've Met My End
Once again time had passed. Far to much time, to be exact. The redheads had not crossed paths since one of the Protectorate's battles, where the two tore through enemy lines side by side. None had escaped their wrath, except for the innocents they were protecting, of course. Many things had changed in that time. For one, Ven was... no longer Ven. In a way. Instead her personality was split into three pieces: Rage Ven'Rain, the violent and aggressive side. Caged Ven, the more relaxed, soothing lass. And True Kairo, her original self, almost completely locked away from the worlds... It was sad. Perhaps even 'depressing', to know the real merc had been lost once more.

First there was the war on Ord Mantell that ended her pathetic excuse for a childehood. Next came the betrayal at the hands of the Republic that tore down what remained of her soul. And when she finally felt at home again? The accident. Wiped the majority of her memories away, leaving her lost and confused. But still she had reunited with friends and family, slowly regaining what had been lost. Two woman were responsible for keeping her sane for so long. Ventasia Terana, the feisty lass that Ven met in a cafe, and Circe Savan, the Vinithi woman who used to be her employer. So much had happened in the last half year, including the mad merc proposing to her lover. It didn't go exactly as planned, but it did help her make a tough decision.

The Sekairo was going to leave the Protectorate. Hell, she already had. Her loyalty lay with Savan, and she would follow the woman to the end of existence, to the final plane of reality. And she would keep her safe. Still, she had not forgotten Tasia. Not even close. Guilt filled her chest at the thought of her friend, and she quietly contemplated what to do. At the moment Kairo was sitting in her room, one of the many places her lover had arranged for her, writing on a sheet of paper. Not to much later she finished, and set the pen down. Gathering up several items (chocolates, flowers, and a lovely blaster) she placed them in a box, along with the letter. Then she moved them to the side, deciding to ship them that night. If all went well Tasia would receive the gift within a day or two.


Dear Ventasia Terana,
Hello darling. It's... well, it's been a long time. Far to long if you ask me. But things are a little complicated right now. I'll do my best to explain, though I doubt it'll help much. Just remember: I love you. And I hope one day things can go back to the way they were before. Well, sort of. I still want to be with you. It's just I don't want to be running around the galaxy barely escaping death every other day. Not really very fun if you ask me. Er, this isn't the point I was trying to get across. Give me a moment, you know I'm not the best with words...

I left the Protectorate. You've already noticed, haven't you?... Insert sigh here... Things aren't working out anymore. The Republic has decided to post another bounty on Circe, for many false reasons. I need to protect her. Not that she really needs it... But you know how I am about these things. I'd do the same for you, even though you'd probably kick my ass for trying to help you. Just another reason why I'm going to miss you...

God, this is hard to write. You're this beautiful, feisty, humorous girl and I'm saying goodbye for potentially the last time.
S**t. Just... damn.

Promise me you'll kick ass while I'm gone? Beat the living crap out of some dumbasses, okay? You're gonna have to do some extra work since I won't be there. And you'll have to tally your own kills as well (though I'm guessing you already do that). But, er... I still haven't explained everything, have I? 'Nother sigh...

To put it bluntly, I'm going insane again. Circe says my mind is splitting into three separate personalities. I have to agree. You'd probably love Rage Ven. queen loves to blow things up. Caged is pretty sweet, but she's not really into violence and the like. Then there's me. The good old original Ven. Unfortunately I have some trouble staying in control. The other two are pretty strong...

If you never want to see me again, I'll get it. I left, and am now confessing the fact that I am utterly crazy to you.
But I'll still love you. Just now that. Hopefully I'll see you again soon...

Captain Ven'Rain Sekairo, Childe of the Stars

@[member="Ventasia Terana"]​
{OOC: I felt like I owed you this since we didn't get the Valentine's Day thread}​