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Donovan Carlyle


Does this unit have a soul?
"What the hell kind of a name is Bagely eh?"

NAME: Donavan Carlyle

Nicknames: Old timer (Jedediah and members of his old team only, unless you want a fist down 'ya throat mate) , Don

FACTION: The Galactic Republic (Army of Light)

RANK: Colonel


AGE: 45



WEIGHT: 209 lbs

EYES: Blue

HAIR: Dark Brown

SKIN: Caucasian



•One Shot, One Kill: For years Carlyle was a sharpshooter in various Republic Military Special Operations units, even when he was basic infantry he often was his unit's go-to sniper, so it's rather evident he's a good shot.

•All In: Carlyle is completely devoted to the cause of the Army of Light, and sees the Sith as a threat that has to be wiped off tha bloody map.

•Of Their Own Accord: He's a free thinker and speaker, often laying out his opinion and views even when they are complete opposites of everyone else's.

•Enemy of My Enemy: He's willing to cooperate with just about anyone to defeat the Empire, even rouge Sith or worse, if there is such a thing.

•All Ghillied Up: If he doesn't want to be found, in a likelihood he won't be, years of experience crawling through city streets teeming with enemies and making it through undetected are the primary reason behind this.


•Persona Non Grata: His attitude often makes him rather unwelcome among those he isn't close with, his estranged family included.

•Loose Ends: He often is rather merciless to whomever he is fighting at the time, and on more than one occasion has killed POWs seeing them as...well you see what this bullet is called.

•The Sins of a Father: Both his father and his brother did things that even he wouldn't dare do when they were deployed, and this often damages his reputation with senior officers even further.

SHIP: None

BIOGRAPHY: Like another Army of Light non-force user officer you may know, Donovan hails from Empress Teta. He was born into a simple family, father a insurance clerk, mother store clerk, and five siblings, himself the second oldest. His family wasn't always so boring, his father, Gregory Carlyle was a Republic Marine, and his elder brother Simon a RSFU operative. He was born fifteen years after his brother, and the considerable age gap spared them most of the sibling conflict they would've had otherwise, this allowed them to be closer in a way, which led to the acquisition of one of Donovan's greatest skills, his aim. Simon often took Donovan out to shooting ranges with their father's rifle where the boy practiced endlessly in an attempt to impress his hero.

As he aged, and more siblings joined the fray that was life, he and Simon grew distant, with his brother often off on deployment or out with friends, but Donovan still had his world utterly shattered at age 16 when an airspeeder crash took Simon away. He grew more retracted from his family, and more attracted to the idea of leaving home for the military. At 17, he did just that, enlisting in the Republic Army without saying a word to his family about it, simply leaving a letter behind for them.

After basic, he was selected for sniper school after demonstrating his admirable marksman abilities, but it turned out accuracy was all he had that time, and it wasn't just the marksmanship that made a sniper. He failed out of the school, and was deployed in an assault on an insurgent held moon where he single handedly took out thirteen enemy snipers, applying the skills that he'd failed to learn the first time in sniper school to do so. After the deployment, he returned for a second try, and passed at the top of his class.

In the following years, Carlyle continued to better himself, joining various Special Forces units and serving with them long term, but eventually being shipped out either because he was needed elsewhere, or because his mouth pissed off the commander to many times.

Eventually he got himself into a unit with another smart mouthed Colonel by the name of Jedediah Bagely, the two became friends rather quickly, their combined smart-assery baffling their superiors, but they balanced it out with a suburb combat record and capability, always getting the job done.