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NAME: Donatos , or Don for short
FACTION: Specifically his home fleet, but now working with the Republic and the Jedi Order as well.
RANK: Defacto representative of his fleet, Intern for the Republic Senate, now Jedi initiate/apprentice.
SPECIES: Mon Calamari
AGE: 19
EYES: grey/blue
HAIR: none a fish with hair? That’s weird


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :

+ Diplomatic
+ Heightened Awareness
+ Engineering
+ Ambitious

- Day Dreamer
- Over Analytical
- No Prestige (yet)
- New to Saber training
He has a schematic for a ship he has been concepting, but has not begun its construction yet. For the moment he has flown a RATTRAP shuttle that his Home Fleet was able to loan him. Nothing special, it’s a mash up compilation of various out dated ships and parts. Its large enough to hold four beings, plus droids and cargo, but it’s quite cramp. RATTRAP ships are something the youth of his people have dubbed their misfit collection of ships, no RATRAP is alike. All are unique pieces of junk. It’s capable of making small hyperspace jumps and at the moment has no weapons. But it does possess a long range scanner and communication system. It can best be described as a rectangular craft, of rusted aesthetics with a large sensor ring on top and an over size engine that looks like it doesn’t belong on a ship this small.
Essentially he is a young Mon Calamari engineer, who lived on a generational floatilla fleet (because I noticed Mon Cal is ruled in Sith Terroritory) and he wants to establish a permanent home for his people. His ultimate goal is to reclaim their home world. He is an engineer by family trade; everyone in his fleet serves the purpose to maintain the fleet. His fleet consist of mostly Mon Calamari, some Nautalons, Selkath and Quarren.

The fleet is nomadic and has been for beyond any record can account for. They are constantly refurbishing and adding new constructs and ships to their fleet. It is hard to search even for a temporary home because of so many factions are occupying most of the galaxy. The fleet has survived by remaining neutral and avoiding hostile zones.

Donatos was born and raised to be an engineer by his family, it may as well be a genetic trait. He has helped upgrade and convert many parts of the fleet, but despite these accomplishments he has felt that he could always do more. He is known to always have a sense of déjà vu and sometimes psychic moments where he can predict something seconds before it happens. Most scoff this off as luck, but Donatos has had such vivid dreams of worlds and people he does not recognize, but wishes to understand.

He is ambitious and now of full adult age has begun his pilgrimage, leaving the fleet to bring back something of value. Most bring resources, points of fresh water, trade outposts, ships etc…but Donatos wishes to bring something even greater to his people, a world. Their world, Mon Calamari has been occupied by the Sith for ages, Donatos seeks to gain other alliances that will help him reclaim his ancestral birth world.

He has made his way to Coruscant, working as an intern in the Senate and low level technician for the senate building. He hopes to become a representative aid and become a major political figure himself to help better represent his people and maybe someday bring Mon Calamari back to the Republic.

His Force sensitivity is still growing and he continuously day dreams of becoming both a Master Politician and Jedi. But his ultimate dream is liberate Mon Calamari and lead his people home.
To be Determined.
To be Determined.



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