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Dominions and Expansion

Jaxton Ravos

Mindwalker of the Outer Rim
For clarification, we are not an expansionist power. It will never be our goal, IC or OOC, to have the biggest influence cloud, raze another faction, or conquer the galaxy. However dominions are not without their benefits. Larger territories means we're less susceptible to being overcome by invasions(Which shouldn't happen, but it noticeable), and more planets means more resources for us to put in our tech, more locations to explore and declare as 'free', and more lore to explore and create through new environments and cultures.

The thing of it is though, and this is where the Republic used to get their biggest issues from(they have bigger issues now IMO), is the age old of question of "I want this planet, but why should I be there?" or perhaps "The faction is going there, but why should my character head over there? It doesn't fit her/him at all!". Which are, IMO, extremely legitimate questions. It can be very difficult at times to look at a planet, craft the plot to match up with the planet's lore, and manage to fit in reasons for differing characters of a faction to be there without compromising their beliefs. Hell, people have left the Jedi because they did non-Jedily things in a dominion. And there's nothing wrong with that.

But it does leave us at a bit of an impasse. For the most part the member base here are more of 'ligthsiders' than neutral or dark, whether or not they use the Force. Well, considering our positioning on the map, and how our sector of the galaxy is essentially a blank slate lore-wise we get the awesome ability to work backwards with dominions. Instead of finding a planet in range, analyzing what it has and whether or not we want it, and then determining a plot to get us there and logically add them to our faction, we can create a plot first, and then create a planet to suit our plot and our needs, whether they be resources or cultural second. Want to rescue some slaves? We make a plot involving some slaves, pick whatever species we want to be slaves/slavers, and then make a planet that suits our needs.

For example, after some discussions I had with Seroth and Boolon, guys who made planets with me, we realized that there was one major resource that we didn't have in our planetary trio, and that was Lightsaber Crystals. Admittedly not a huge loss, as it only really affects Force Users and most people wouldn't call you out on it anyways, but something we'd like to clear up anyways because A)We like for things to fit storywise, and B)It'd be cool to have our own source of lightsaber crystals. After some discussion and looking around the wookiee for different types of lightsaber crystals one of us put out the idea "Hey, what if we had a world with Krayt Dragons, and made getting Krayt Dragon Pearls our source of Lightsaber Crystals". Normally that'd be difficult because they're(To my knowledge) on on Tatooine and exclusive at that, but with our blank slate galaxy we can make a world that's overrun by Krayt Dragons. Large enough population that it's becoming a real nuisance to the local yocals and the population needs trimming, and boom. Krayt Dragon population big enough to give pearls, justification for lightsiders to hunt them, and an opportunity to flesh out the planet's history and lore in order to create something new and unique for us to play around in.

Anyways, I've probably spoken on this too long, but we don't have to fear dominions, and we don't have to BS our justifications for doing them. We can just make a strong and logical plot, label the thread with a purple tag, and continue on like it's a normal thread, albeit a longer one. This is a group, and if any of you have any ideas on what y'all want to do, where y'all want to go, what y'all wanna get we can always get something going. I know most of y'all pretty well, and y'all are a good group. With a little elbow grease the sky's the limit for us.