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Dominion of Umbara Hex

Caste Me Out As Common CSA Dominion of Umbara

  • One: A Middle Ranking Umbaran Official is attempting to get ahead, by undergoing an assassination spree of prominent Pro-Commenor Umbaran Officials. Who? What do the methods, poison and a ballistic knife in the back through a protected security window, reveal? Sniff them out! Spy Vs. Spy. Investigate & Prepare to Defend Yourselves!
  • Two: Low Caste Umbarans have zero chance of a better life for their families. These people live in darkness, they have strong warrior instincts and a will to succeed. Commenor, alongside a group of Mandalorians, wish to bring these low caste Umbarans out of the basement, and depending on their predilections for war/peace, join either Commenor or the Mandalorian Empire. Break into the Lower Castes & Negotiate some away from Umbara!
  • Three: Negotiations to bring the Umbarans into the Commenor Systems Alliance are stalled, as a power play by the Silver Jedi is coming! Swoop in, and remind the Umbarans why the CSA is the superior allegiance!
​Credit to [member="Livia Maddox"] & [member="Lady Kay"] <3