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Doing what's right.

Nicholas Synder

It seemed as though Nick had ended up coming to the wrong place. He had thought that the name Nar Shaddaa hadn't sounded so bad. When he had been offered the chance to get transport there, to be able to help the people there, he had quickly agreed.

Now he was glad that he had said yes.

Nick hated when he saw this sort of thing. Crime seemed to be everywhere. Nobody seemed to be standing up for each other. Actually, that had something to do with what he was doing right now. There were a couple of people strange sticks, sparks flew from them, and one person with a knife. Muggings weren't something new to him, and neither was stepping in to stop them.

All three of the people circled around him as he stood in front of the intended target. The man with the knife was the first to move forward, and he was the first to try to strike. The knife went for his gut, but it hit air. Nick already moved out of the way, just slightly, and grabbed the man's wrist. Afterwards, he threw the man into a nearby wall.

He hoped that the man was knocked out, but there was always the chance that he wasn't. Maybe it he was lucky, Nick would be able to convince these people that mugging the poor woman wouldn't be worth the cost.