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Do As I'm Doing (anyone who wants to learn instinctive astrogation)

Captain J.Q. Merrill, ODF Navy, was not the commanding officer of this particular Jaeger-class Star Destroyer. And thus he could chill on the flight deck at his leisure, pondering the mysteries of the universe through the atmo field while he rested his boots on the wing of an interceptor.

There'd been requests made of him, and he'd made a few back. The flight deck was quiet save for some small craft. Various Force-sensitives within the Omega command structures had been alerted. He'd thought Chloe Blake might show, and was a little relieved when word came back that she was busy in Wild Space.

Exes, and him a married man. Cira had asked him to teach Chloe to do what he could do, but close quarters for that long? Nope.

But a class, just for the introductory stuff -- instinctive astrogation -- that stuff, he could do without fear of exes. And so here he was on a flight deck beside a Panther-class shuttle, waiting for whoever was gonna show.
Class on instinctual astrogation? Normally he'd pass but it was the only non-private activity listed in the destroyer's entertainment schedule, and while he could kick it back on the Persephone, a merchant ship turned privateer currently in dock, he was a little tired of being cooped up with the crew. Besides then he'd have to watch them unload the loo confiscated cargo and listen to them joke about him helping. So he made his way over to the opposite hanger and looked around until he found some guy standing on a ship wing not doing much. "Hey, you know anything about this class about instinct flying? I think it's supposed to be around here somewhere. Just don't see anybody else for it."

Corvo, ex-Echani fighter pilot turned privateer, without a drop of force potential, and borderline pirate, had unknowingly just signed up to learn a force power. Hopefully this guy on the wing was going too, because as batty as he was to stand there just to look off into space, he wasn't bad looking.
@[member="Jorus Merrill"]

Ghorumgash Khazund-Veranum

Runewarrior of the Clan Veranum (Chaotic Good)
@[member="Corvo Anattolius"] @[member="Jorus Merrill"]
Ghor was, simply, crap at flying a ship. He could barely see above the consoles, and it was his strong belief that Khazund belonged under the ground, not above it.
However, it was also a fact that the migrant fleets of his people.. lived in space. Therefore, a good navigator and spacer was always valuable among the Khazund.
And while this class would not make him an ace, it promised to learn him a damn useful lesson when traveling among the stars, instinctive astrogation.

So there he was, Ghor, clanking about in his Khazund armor, this time without all the axes, trotting towards the meeting point in Destroyer's hangar where the class was supposed to take place.
"Oy! Ye too 'ere for de class, aye?"
He bumbled out as he came closer towards Jorus and Corvo, putting his hands on his hips
"Dere wos suppose' to be ah closs on instincktive ostrogation, aye?"
He said "aye" a lot
@[member="Corvo Anattolius"] @[member="Ghorumgash Khazund-Veranum"]

"That'd be me an' this is the class. I'm Captain Merrill, ODF." He glanced around. "I'm not seeing a lotta other folks, so let's get started. I'm not one for sensing crap about people, but I'm assumin' you're both Force-sensitive with at least some training. Well, I never thought I was until I got stranded in an escape pod in hyperspace. They call me a Master, but I can't lift a pebble, throw a Force Push, use a mind trick, swing a lightsabre or make sparks fly from my fingertips. What I can do is figure out hyperspace jumps with my gut. And other stuff along those lines, but basically, I'm gonna teach you how to make hyperjumps with good instincts. Fair enough?"

Ghorumgash Khazund-Veranum

Runewarrior of the Clan Veranum (Chaotic Good)
@[member="Jorus Merrill"] @Corvo Anattolius
"Aye, Ay 'em un a shaman of me sity-ship, Ghorumgash is me name, oof the Klan Veranum."
He did a little excited stompy Khazund dance
"Un' Ay 'em 'ere to leaorn aboot yer Fource powers!"
Now he did a small shuffle, his footsteps reverberating through the hangar as they hit the ground
Why would he assume they were force sensitive? "Well I can't do any of that stuff either Captain, and those that can generally don't do too well where we do either. So I wouldn't feel to bad about any of it." Though he did give the (in all probability loony) man next to him a side-long glance. "And come now, I'm sure she's not all that bad as long as she'll get you from one place to he next alright." Might have had a problem with the space-nomad's accent, something had gotten switched in translation. "But right," Corvo said cheerfully turning back to the man still standing on a ship-wing (what was it with people today?). "Anything that'll shave off a few of the million to one odds of death in a blind jump is a good thing in my book. What's first?"

@[member="Ghorumgash Khazund-Veranum"] @[member="Jorus Merrill"]

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