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Diplomatic Relations


Hello, people of the Republic!

To keep my knowledge up to date, I would like to know, who are our ally factions, who are our enemies.... maybe there's even a third side who isn't considered to be anyone by us?

And also, I would like to use Aliannah in diplomatic threads and do stuff either between planetary governments or, if needed, between factions. Are there any other planetary head of states here too?

But that's not all. Is there any chance @[member="Equa Dominator"] could become a member of the military and start fleeting and stuff? Of course he is a Knight, so he wouldn't get anything big, maybe, if at all, he should get a ship or two or something like that, if the leaders here are okay with that.

And now that's all. See you soon! :D

Selena Halcyon

Jedi Master
From what I understand.

Omega Protectorate

The Atrisians
The Fringe

The Sith
Black Suns