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Approved NPC Dionna Glam

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  • Age: 30
  • Force Sensitivity: Non-Force User
  • Species: Human
  • Appearance: Dionna stands around 5'3 and maintains a lean body, she has long brown hair with blond highlights that falls past her shoulders along with black eyes. As a fashion model, Dionna is never seen without the latest brand clothing.
  • Name: Dionna Glam
  • Loyalties: Femmi, her personal clothing line, her modeling agency.
  • Notable Possessions: Her little black purse that contains her Holopad, perfume, lipstick and other valuables. She also LOVES heels and will never abandon them even it's practical to drop them in a chase.
  • Wealth: Wealthy with both parents being successful stock brokers on Hosnian Prime
  • Skills: Dionna is a fashion model who uses her looks to her advantage, she's also a good painter having sold a couple of her artwork in auctions and runs her own commissions Holosite. In addition, Dionna is co-owner of Femmi Kae's cafe.
  • Personality: Dionna is a beautiful woman who loves to show off her looks. Dionna is a kindhearted, honest and affectionate person. However, she can be pretty ditzy often blurting out the wrong thing by accident. In addition, Dionna is also trusting and can be easily coerced by anyone wanting to take advantage of her.
  • Training: N/A
  • Weapon of Choice: N/A
  • Combat Function: Combat?! Hah! The only combat Dionna is good at is running around screaming her head off. Dionna is a flighty person who would run away at the sight of danger. She would cling on to her friend: Femmi cowering in her arms while hoping that the danger would go away. Dionna is not a brave person at all.
  • Has stunning good looks in which she made a modeling career out of.
  • Empathetic and can get along with anyone.
  • Is pretty ditzy which can lead to people thinking she's an oddball.
  • More of a lover than a fighter which means if there's combat, she'll be hightailing it.

Born to successful stock brokers on Hosnian Prime, Dionna Glam lived a sheltered life in the upper levels of the city planet. She began modeling at a young age travelling around the core worlds to pose for magazines and advertisements. The young woman took some time off from her career to attend the University of Coruscant where she received a degree in Art. As soon as she finished school, Dionna continued modelling, meeting Femmi Kae and becoming close friends. Dionna used the credits she saved from modeling to help Femmi create her cantina, while also helping Femmi find modelling gigs. Nowadays, Dionna continues to model loving every bit of it but is expanding her talents to other endeavors like starting a clothing line.
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