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Approved NPC Dino

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Gorba the Hutt

Smug Slug

[*]Role: Enforcer
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  • Age: 32
  • Force Sensitivity: Non-Force User
  • Species: Kadas'sa'Nikto
  • Appearance: Green, with bony horn protrusions all across his face.
  • Name: Dino
  • Loyalties: Bareesh Kajidic
  • Wealth: Well-off
  • Notable Possessions: VT-Spark Gauntlet | VT-Bolt Blaster | VT Morp Knife | Duraplast Armor
  • Skills: Hand-to-hand, knives, and guns
  • Personality: Hailing from the coastal regions of Kintan, Dino grew up serving the Hutts, but never fell for the whole "they are gods" religious nonsense. He serves them not out of some misguided ideal, but because that's just what he learned how to do growing up. They also pay well, which is nice. He takes full advantage of all the luxuries afforded by his elite status within the hierarchy of the Bareesh Kajidic, but will always pick a bantha burger over a nine course meal any day.
  • Weapon of Choice: Dino has found that a high powered pistol can solve most problems in life.
  • Combat Function: Dino is one of Gorba's Elites and as a result he knows how to rumble with the best of them. While he's no assassin and not much in the acrobatics department, he can still put a bolt between someone's eyes at fifty paces.

Dino grew up like most Nikto boys, hoping to be a warrior for one of the kajidics. Eventually, he was placed in a trainee group in the Bareesh Kajidic's Kintan Training Camp, one of the harshest camps in the entirety of Hutt space. Fifty percent of the trainees died, but Dino managed to pull through. He still has nightmares about the camp, but in the end he got pulled into the special "Elites" training regiment. Came out the other end as one of the most highly trained Bareesh Kajidic enforcer, with a status that could give him command over entire ships.

He's served in that capacity for the last ten years, solving Bareesh's problems when a direct approach is required.
Not open for further replies.