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Dilbert Zambino, Trade-Lord of Neelgaimon

"I'm not saying they're bad people, I'm just saying that they tend to commit more crime than the rest of the population. The numbers don't lie!"

Name: "Name's Dilbert. Dilbert Zambino. Some folks 'll tell ya my last name sound a little fake, and I'll tell you those folks are lying carpetbaggers!"

Faction: "I am a proud senator of the Dominion. It's the closest thing the galaxy's got to an actual republic - I mean it pretty much is a republic so...yeah, democracy."

Rank: "Senator and Trade-Lord of Neelgaimon. I get by."

Height: "Five foot two. Damned tall if I can say so myself; got them good genes."

Weight: "I may be slightly rotund. Some might call me heavy, but I'm an older man, and I work sitting down. Ain't my fault."

Age: "Seventy-two years in this blessed galaxy, force thankful fer it too."

Eyes: "Brown boy, can't you see?"

Voice: "I am a gentleman."

Personality: "I am my own man son. I've been in politics for forty-years now, and I've seen a lot of osik in that time. You like that? It's a Mando word. Picked it up from my assistant, heh. Anyway, I live my life according to The Way. It's gotten me damned far on Neelgaimon, and it's gonna get me just as far in the senate. I take what I want and I'm generous to those that ally with me. My enemies usually find their careers in the toilet by the end of the year."

"Otherwise, I'm a friendly, handsome, and seasoned man. I haven't slowed down with age, just ask my wives! Three similar opinions can't be lies!"

History: "Well, I was born on Neelgaimon a long time ago. That was back when we were still recovering from the plague y'know, and there weren't many Bothans out here. Well, my old man taught me how to follow The Way, and my mama taught me how to trade. I got into the buisness, made my fortune, and the Zambino name became a household saying on Neelgaimon."

"Eventually, I ended up serving as the Trade-Lord, meaning I take care of things. I care about my people, and I don't want to see that religious Sithy-Jedi crap ruining our planet for the umpteenth time in the past thirty years. I'd like for my kids to have a nice life, thank you very much. As for my wives...well, only one of 'ems my real wife. The other two just take care of the house honestly. They're nice girls, and nobody would take 'em in. I've got eighteen children, so they help around the house when my real wife needs them. That, and what man doesn't look powerful with three beautiful women on his arms...and I guess his leg."

"Anyway, I'm looking to reorganize this senate we got. Hopefully it'll be runnin' like a proper government within the next ten years. If not...well, it wouldn't be the first time I gambled and lost."

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