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Diana Cross

Diana Cross

Aim steady, fire true

NAME: Diana Cross​
FACTION: Moross Crusade​
AGE: 17​
GENDER: Female​
HEIGHT: 4' 6"​
WEIGHT: 112 pounds​
EYES: Green​
HAIR: Blonde​
SKIN: White​


+ Archer: Diana is an excellent archer, and can bit most of her targets with her bow.​
+ Keen eye: She has very good sight, and can spot things easily. This also further helps her aim.​

- Age: Being only seventeen, Diana's age can be taken for granted by others.​
- Restricted: Diana is constantly restricted in her abilities and time by her parents. She has to always be home by a certain time, and she keeps her actions a secret from them.​

SHIP: None.​

BIOGRAPHY: Diana was born on Coruscant in the upper levels, where it was more high rollers and money than gangs and poverty. Though she had everything she could ever ask for in life, she lacked one crucial thing: Excitement. Whenever she had free time, she would read about the legendary pantheon gods of an organization known as the Moross Crusade, and even idolized some of the said gods. A few times a day, she would even try praying to her two favorites, Kalee and Salee. The two sisters, in her eyes, were the perfect embodiment for what she wanted to be. Once on her fifteenth birthday, her parents had given her a high-quality bow as a present. It was the best gift she could ever ask for. She would immediately start training, hoping to gain the skills of Kalee the Sword, so that one day she could join the Moross and their ranks. When she was confident she was skilled enough at sixteen, she began sneaking out every night, and sometimes most of the day, to do what she could to help others. This included deeds like stopping criminals and helping those in need. This became a habit, and people loved her. Unfortunately, she couldn't always be out, as she kept that part of her life a secret from her parents. As far as they know, she is just a normal girl with no special abilities...​