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Dia Cotan

Jay Burden

New Member
Name: Dia Cotan
Faction: The Galactic Republic
Rank: Padawan
Species: Twi'lek
Age: 22
Sex: Male
Height: 6' 3"
Weight: 170lbs
Eyes: Green
Hair: None
Skin: Green
Force Sensitive: Yes
Appearance: Tall and Slender, square shoulders. Lekku hanging down back just past waist and tied together with black leather strap criss crossing and making his lekku hang as one. Narrow faced with a small round nose.
Bio: Dia's parents were biologists on Hoth when he was born and traveled the galaxy with them on a Republic funded expedition categorizing nearly extinct species in the systems. After the completion of their research his family moved back to Corrosunt where Dia's father had work teaching at a Republic Academy. A Jedi Master visiting the academy met Dia after a conversation with his dad, and a week later he was moved into the Jedi temple and guided to lear the ways of the Force.
A notable part of Dias training was the construction of his first light sabre, struggling with meditation he failed time and time trying to set the weapons crystals, each time he tried to let the Force guide his thoughts towards the assembly of the hilt they would fall back to the floor.
Strengths: Confident, Brave, Intimidating
Weakness: Togruta Females, Unfocused, Rude
Personality and Traits: Dia feels like a slave to the Jedi order, sometimes wishing he could leave it all behind. He remains though, not knowing where else he could go. Though that is not the only reason to stay, there was always more power to be learned in the ways of the Force.
Powers: Sense force in others (especially dark side)