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Approved Starship Devo

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Duke Kyle DeVoe

Head of House DeVoe
Devo Star Destroyer



  • Intent: To create a Unique Flagship from system Alderaan as part of House DeVoe military build up. It will be PC commanded by either Duke Kyle DeVoe or Jerrid Syn.
  • Image Source: SD Devo
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Primary Source:N/A
  • Manufacturer: Arma Tech industries
  • Model: Prototype Alderaani designed SD
  • Affiliation: FWC

  • Production: Unique Prototype
  • Material:
    Carbide and Ceramic layered Durasteel Hull
  • Alumisteel and durasteel framework
  • Transparisteel Viewports
  • Turadium Blast Doors/Shutters

  • Classification: Command Ship
  • Length: 1800 M
  • Width:1000 M
  • Height:300 M
  • Armament: Low
    20 super quad turbo lasers
  • 48 turbo lasers on top decks
  • 20 turbo lasers on bottom
  • 5 aft turbo lasers

[*]Defenses: Extreme
  • Reinforced Carbide/Ceramic Multilayered Durasteel Hull (more on Advanced System)
  • Advanced Destroyer Class Deflector Shields
  • Redundant Destroyer Class Deflector Shields

[*]Hangar: Moderate 8 fighter/interceptor Squadrons (typical single person fighters)
[*]Maneuverability Rating: Average
[*]Speed Rating: Average
[*]Hyperdrive Class: 1.0
  • SD Class Ion Drives
  • SD Class Hazard and Damage Control Systems
  • SD Class Life Support Systems
  • SD Class Navigational Systems
  • SD Class Sensors and Targeting Systems
  • SD Class Communications Systems
  • SD Class Environmental Control Systems
  • SD Class Tractor Beams
  • SD Class Escape Pods
  • Full spectrum Encryption/Decryption Networks
  • ​Full fire suppression systems on all decks
  • Multi layered reinforced hull composed of ceramics, carbon and carbide layers of durasteel to withstand high turbo laser hits if shields fail. The Tecknor is not so much designed as a one on one destroyer but as a sturdy squadron support carrier, able to withstand poundings, while it's fighters are engaged. It's primary purpose is to support its fighters and remain in hot zones while the fighters are engaging, reloading/fueling, and aid in evacuations.
  • Advanced fire suppression on all decks, that include duranium carbide infused ceramic reinforced blast doors.
  • frequency jammer
  • Defensive: The Tecknor is designed to hold the line and remain in defensive position as her fighters are engaging and in action.It's hull is designed to take quite a battering and beating as it is mainly designed as a carrier with extreme defensive weaponry and armor. It is a prototype design and it would take a overwhelming amount of firepower to weaken it and penetrate it's hull. It's sole intent is to provide it's squadron with a home ship to return to; to refuel/reload and cycle it's pilots during sorties and engagements.
  • Low Offensive Armament: This Command Ship has a very minor offensive armament, that does little damage on a ship to ship SD Class engagement.
  • Low stand alone planetary bombardment vessel. It is not designed to strike as a destroyer from space with planetary bombardments. It's turbo lasers are not effective on a well shielded planetary defensive target.
  • Prototype:This vessel is more designed as a carrier that uses it's fighters to engage, rather than it's armaments.It's more designed as a support ship for it's fighters, and not a strong ship to ship (SD to SD) destroyer.

Years of analyzing fighter based battle engagements have lead House DeVoe to commission a new prototype destroyer that is designed to hold a defensive position, rather than engage other similar class destroyers on a one on one fight.
It has been reasoned that other destroyers in it's battle group will be taking up the role as an engaging vessel. The idea behind the Devo is fighter support and a return base for engaged and spent fighters. As such, House DeVoe commissioned a new type of Star Destroyer. One that could safely transport and deploy it's squadrons and support vessel in both war and skirmishes, along with humanitarian aid. It is not as daunting as a fully armament SD and as such, it is perfect for diplomatic missions as it has the appearance of a less than aggressive SD within it's own battle groups.
The DeVoe is often commandeered by both Duke Kyle Devoe and/or son Jerrid Syn.
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