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Approved Starship Deth Race Space Station

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  • Classification: Planet Orbiter
  • Length: 5000 meters
  • Width: 3000 meters
  • Height: 1800 meters
  • Armament: None
  • Defenses: Electromagnetic Shield, Ion Shields. Rating is high. Tractor beams.
  • Hangar Space: Can fit up to twenty, 30 meter freighters
  • Maneuverability Rating: Low
  • Speed Rating: Low
  • Hyperdrive Class: 7
  • Electromagnetic Shields, Ion Shields
  • The ability to Sync with racers vehicles, For GPS, Course Map and Course Trap activation.
  • It has Durasteel Armor Plating, and it has shields, and Good Revenue.
  • Slow, Low Maneuverability, and No offensive weapons.
The space station Ghost will hold extreme races for Speeders, Podracing, and Speeder bike racing. It will have a different theme of racing every season, for example: Season one will be Speeders, Season two will be Speeder bikes so forth and so on. At the end of every season the top 10 racers with the most points will have a championship race. Once that championship is over another season will start. In the race there will be a course with a certain pattern every race will be different with different obstacles and simulated dangerous environment, there will also be course traps such small scale EMP explosions enough to disable a singe racer and hold him inactive for 10 seconds. For this trap to work a racer must run over it and will activate and waiting for another racer to run over it, once the second racer runs over it he becomes inactive for 10 seconds. Another trap will be very strong magnets implanted in the course functionality on how to activate it is the same as the EMP trap. These traps will be random on each race and will not be known to the racers until one activates or runs over an already activated trap. Racers vehicles will be synced to the station and each vehicle will have a datapad with the following MAP of the course, TEAM MATE GPS, and ALERTs for trap activation and being stuck on a trap. Each racer's vehicle will have their customized weaponry to take down other racers. Each race will hold 20 laps, with 2900 meters in length and width, converting it to being 2 miles in length and width. Parts of the course in some races will be suspended in mid air, with loops and sidewall turns. There will be obstacles that will disable vehicles for good and ending the racers race that point and time. After each race the winner will receive certain prize money of credits. After each championship the top three winners will have podium stands and each winner will receive a prize, 3rd place will receive credits, 2nd will receive a higher amount of credits and then 1st place will receive even Higher amount of credits plus another random gift at the time of the event, examples would be a new speeder bike, new speeder, racing pod, or a very rare priceless artifact or even some new tech for the racing machine a racer will have. The ship will have two entrances one for the racing teams which will be on the first floor, where there team freighters will be stored along with their sleeping quarters and racing equipment. The second floor where the course and stands for viewers will be there will also be the second entrance and also there will be the betting stand where viewers will be able place their bets on their favorite racers, and merchandise booths. Each team will also have their work stations and pits along the course for quick fixing their vehicles. The viewers will have barricades to keep them safe from crashes, debris, explosions and weapon fire. There will be monitors for viewers to watch the race when racers are not in sight or plain view. All profits from ticket sales and racing team entry fees will go to The Shadow Protectorate. Ticket prices will be 20 credits per adult and 10 credits per child. Team entry fee will be 200 credits per racer, for example if a team has 2 racers they are paying 400 credits. A team may only have the maximum of 4 racers. Prize money for normal season race 1st place is 50,000 credits, 2nd place is 35,000 credits, 3rd place is 20,000 credits. Championship standings, 1st place is 250,000 credits, a trophy, and a random special prize, 2nd place 175,000 credits and a trophy, 3rd place 100,000 credits and a trophy. This station will move from planet to planet and throughout the Galaxy after each championship is concluded.
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This is on me, but as a Civilian Space Station, you must list your Armaments as "NONE." This, however, does not mean that this station is without a means to defend itself. The tractor beams you have listed there are allowed to say as these kinds of stations would still be entitled to simple defense countermeasures such as PDLS (Point Defense Laser System) and tractor beams. These are viewed as defensive assets and not Armaments used to mount an offensive
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