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Detective Rick Craft

Rick Craft

NAME: Rick Craft
FACTION: Coruscant P.D
RANK: Detective
AGE: 29
SEX: Male
EYES: Brown
HAIR: Brown
SKIN: White


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
Extremely observant, Anomaly expert
Night blind unless wearing specialized glasses, Horribly anti social

Normally wears a brown or black suit, always wears his specialized glasses at night or in low vision. Has a haunted way about him. Smoker.

Born on Coruscant's mid levels shortly after his parent's migrated from Hapes, Rick enjoyed a relatively stable childhood provided by his mother's job as an accountant at a local bank. Even in his youth Rick maintained a distance from most beings, recognized by his teachers and peers as a natural introvert. He often drew in class when he was supposed to be working and was often scowled by his teachers and mother for the frequency with which he ignored them. It looked as if the child was on his way to becoming an artist by the time he reached adolescence.

Then fate stuck it's meddling hand into Rick's world and the teen's destiny was forever altered. Rick's mother was killed in a botched robbery that ended in three civilian deaths and the deaths of all the criminals. His father fell into a prescription drug fueled state of sedation and Rick was left to deal with the loss of his mother largely on his own. He spent a few years mopping, wandering, and rarely showing up to school. The death of his mother had pushed Rick into an even deeper shell.

After he successfully completed school Rick signed up with the Coruscant Police Department and worked a beat for a few years, which had a calming effect on him. Being responsible for the safety of a neighborhood gave him a purpose for which he could see direct results of his actions. During this time he accepted his mother's death and poured the majority of his energy into being the best Officer he could be. He was rewarded.

Command had noticed Rick's acute observation skills and assigned him to the Narcotics division of the department. After Rick's initial happiness at the promotion his mental state began to shift again. The work required of him and the things he witnessed during his time within the division reminded him of the harsh realities of the galaxy.

Darkness is everywhere.

He performed well within Narcotics and was bumped up to Homicide after a six year stint. Despite his extreme lack of social skills Rick's work spoke largely for itself. The things he saw while in Homicide only further pushed Rick into having a negative worldview.

The dead tend to do that to folk.