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Character Delro Veadgon

Delro Veadgon

NAME: Delro Veadgon, RT-3645, "Captain Volk"

FACTION: Grand Army of the Republic, Republic Marines, 104th Battalion, Wesk Company "The Wolfpack"

RANK: Captain

SPECIES: Corellian

AGE: 29

SEX: Male

HEIGHT: 5'11"

WEIGHT: 176 Lbs

EYES: Brown

HAIR: Dark Brown

SKIN: Olive



+Tactical Commander:
Trained in tactics and spending a time commanding forces on a platoon and company level, he's skilled in commanding infantry in combat
+Battlefield Presence: He's a presence on the battlefield, capable of stepping into the middle of his unit and them immediately know who's shouting orders and to follow through with it
+Combat Training: Alongside training for a position as an officer, Delro has had plenty of training in various forms of combat and combat maneuvers, allowing him to lead from example well

-Stubborn as Durasteel: Delro's a hardhead, to put it succinctly. Once he's made up his mind on something, it's extremely difficult for anyone but him to change his mind with anything short of a superior officer threatening him with court-martial
-Rough on the Edges: Delro is probably not the person that you want leading diplomatic talks or leading a first contact mission. While he can be perfectly kind and warm to those who earn his trust, he's often distant, rough, and abrupt to those that haven't


Delro stands a decent height, and while he's on the heavier side, it's mostly in muscle. His face and skin are rugged, scarred in several places from training, combat, and in some cases just mishaps.


Born on Corellia as a rather intelligent child leading an uneventful childhood, Delro almost immediately signed up for the Republic's Officer academy at the first possibility, his wanderlust gaining ahold of him. Here he became close friends with men and women who would become his closest confidants. However, his wanderlust would not be sated so easily, as his first few tours were spent leading patrols of newly enlisted recruits on remote agworlds and in a few surprisingly boring cities. One of these patrols was holding a security outpost in one of Talus's mountain ranges. While the patrol started out routine, and boring, Delro and his platoon came under fire from multiple directions. Unbeknownst to them, a group of pirates and smugglers had landed nearby, having had bad navigators that mistook this outpost for their mountain hideout, attacking once they realized it was occupied. Moving his men to the walls, Delro immediately began barking orders to ensure the platoon responded as a unified force. This quickly turned back the pirates, although not without cost. One of the newest men in his unit caught a blow from a slugthrower, and unfortunately, reinforcements couldn't arrive in time to save him.

Having tasted his first combat victory, and his first loss in combat, Delro had proven himself prepared for other commands, and was reassigned to a platoon in the 104th Battalion of the Republic Marines, trained to engage in space or on the ground, and wherever else the Republic had a need for them. Here he earned several new certifications, as well as the nickname "Volk," and took part in several patrols and actions in rougher patches of space until he was eventually put in charge of "Wesk" Company, which, given his nickname, he renamed the "Wolfpack" after a Squad in the 104th Battalion's Clone Wars Predecessor.

Whatever Ship the Republic sits him on.

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