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Approved Tech Defender-Class Adaptable Armor

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  • Intent: To create a simple set of armor for anybody who wises to have Knightly armor, as well as create the first armor suit to be sold by Cerberus Enterprise
  • Image Source: Artstation - Adamant Exterminator
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A
  • Manufacturer: Cerberus Enterprise
  • Model: Defender-class Adaptable Armor
  • Affiliation: Closed-Market - Cerberus Enterprise
  • Modularity: Minor - Can be modified to work with other gear and armor from Cerberus Enterprise
  • Production: Limited - Purchased by Cerberus - PC and Notable NPCS
  • Material:
    Duraplast plating
  • Kinetic Armor
  • Military grade Armorweave
  • Jakkobeast Hide

  • Classification: Anti-Blaster,
  • Weight: 12kgs
  • Quality:
    Blasters - 7
  • Lightsabers - 2 *glancing blows*
  • Kinetic - 6

  • Imbued with the force in the helmet to provide limited forms of Force Reflex. Allowing a heightened sense of awareness.
  • The armor weave is imbued with the force to accelerate healing. When wearing it, bruising, and minor injuries can aid in the process of healing, but cannot replace the process entirely.
  • Infrared
  • Nightvision
  • Lowlight Imaging
  • Armor output
  • Carried Ammo/gear capacity
  • Mapping system
  • Encrypted Communications link
  • Holorecorder
  • Microbinoculars
  • Enemy/Ally Tagging system
  • Echo Location Tagging system
  • Motion Sensor
  • Life form scanner
Atheus is trying new ways to create the same Alchemic effects he could with other weapons, and gear, but in a neutral sense. Instead of using Alchemy, or dark sided influences, he is imbuing it with the force. Instead of increasing effectiveness in battle, Atheus is leading to increase the wearers potential to stay alive, rather than the effectiveness of a weapon, or usage of said weapon.

With the armor weave aiding in accelerating the healing process slightly, minor wounds will heal a little faster than normal. Preventing wounds from doing too much damage, and help prevent infection, or major wounds from being life threatening. However, having limbs removed, or being a clearly fatal wound such as being stabbed through the heart, or having body parts removed or stopped cannnot be prevented.

The helmet is also imbued with the force to allow limited forms of force reflex. Allowing the wearer to have a better awareness around them. While it will let the wearer to understand and "see" things more clearly around them, the armor does not aid them in moving to prevent such actions, or aid them in the physical usage of their body.

  • Blaster, and Kinetic protection slightly better than "standard" trooper armors.
  • Imbued with the force to prevent injuries, and should the person take damage, aid in the healing process.
  • Allows for better battle awareness, as well as increased HUD capabilities.
  • Increased range of motion, and movement. Light plate armor, and no plate armor in jointed areas allow for no restrictions to movement.
  • Plate armor is protective, but is limited to plate armor. The entire mid section, armpits, pelvic region, rear, groin, back of knees, and neck are all exposed to show the under armored layers of Armorweave, and Jakkobeast leather.
  • The plating is thin. Allowing for greater movement, but at the cost of armor having a higher chance to break.
  • While it is comparable to standard trooper armors, its barely better, and is meant for general wear. If someone wanted heavier armor, or something to specifically stand up to something, then it's advisable to get something else.
Atheus for some time now, has been creating and designing various weaponry that can be purchased from Cerberus that has been altered Via Sith alchemy to increase the brutality or lethality of weapons. However, with many people joining forces with Atheus in his Vanguard group, aiding where he can with the people of Commenor, and with Lightsided individuals within the Iron Empire, He has decided to shy away from Dark sided alchemy and go with simple neutral imbuements to open his customer base a little.

The armor is knightly in form, and takes much after any form of it, albeit updated with various HUD features, and made out of modern materials to suit anyone. The armor will act as a base in which later Atheus and the Cerberus enterprise can create specified gear that can be added upon the armor to increase different aspects.
Hello, I'll be the factory judge reviewing your submission. If you have questions, please feel free to respond to this thread once we are underway.
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