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Approved Tech Deep Black Sea: The Companion Besh Survival Guide

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Jorus Merrill

is mek bote
  • Intent: A book.
  • Image Source: N/A
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A
  • Manufacturer: Baobab Astrography
  • Affiliation: Members of the Outer Rim Coalition and the Underground, and crewers on the Gossamer expedition; Closed Market otherwise.
  • Model: Deep Black Sea: The Companion Besh Survival Guide
  • Modularity: You can write in the margins.
  • Production: Minor
  • Material: Spacer's leather, flimsiplast
  • Star maps and observations of regions in Companion Besh, with material on their inhabitants, resources, and local conditions.
  • The first semi-publicly-available guide to exploring and doing business in Companion Besh/Firefist.
  • Not vulnerable to mildew or edible by pests
  • Routes and political information (e.g. local balances of power) may become obsolete, in whole or in part.
  • Hard-copy two-dimensional star maps can only approximate relationships between solar systems and regions.
  • Much of the information about the local civilizations is fragmentary or secondhand, and many gaps remain.
Baobab Astrography draws on the experiences of the months-long Gossamer expedition. This book offers explorers the necessary tools to survive and establish a foothold in Companion Besh. Known as Firefist to the local Nagai, the companion galaxy is 150,000 light-years away from the main galaxy. Voyagers can access it by traveling on the Nagai Trade Spine, but reaching Companion Besh is only the beginning.

The book provides a loose cultural, technological, and territorial overview of the following local powers, about which much remains unknown:
  • Tof Kingdom - Tall, strong, greenish near-humans, martial culture.
  • Nagai - Pale near-humans, honor-based culture, fluent in Basic; ancestral enemies of the Tofs.
  • Maccabree - Squid-like cyborgs who live in vaguely humanoid mechanical suits; ancestral allies of the Nagai.
  • Faruun - Mysterious but talented shipwrights; ancestral allies of the Nagai.
  • Sharuka - Blue-gray near-humans, elitist semi-xenophobic culture, totally incompatible technology, no knowledge of Basic.
The book’s appendix contains geological probe data for several uninhabited but habitable moons with fertile soil and interesting mineral resources. These moons are typically unclaimed or in the outskirts of local governments’ territories. Resources of note include doonium ores (heavy starship armor), teniline granules (hyperdrive components), small deposits of trihexalon ores (exotic weapons), and a local Krayt dragon analogue that produces excellent pearls. The moons are also home to extreme biodiversity, generally floral in nature. The book recommends them as relatively safe places to make landfall and take on supplies. (Anecdotes identify certain plant species as toxic or problematically carnivorous.)
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