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Name: Deaigon

Designation: Sentient
Homeworld: Valhalla
Language: Deaigon, Galactic Basic
Average height of adults:
Scale color: Red, Brown, Green, Blue, White, Black is exceptionally rare (10,000,000:1)
Hair color: N/A
Breathes: Oxygen

-Armor Crafts; Alchemy and magics used to create Armors come easy, along with the actual crafting of such.
-Fire Breathing; the Deaigon of southern Olympus all have the innate ability to control fire to the extent of breathing it. But the ability requires training to hone the skill, as in the initial stages of it's reveal it is dangerous to those around them, appearing of it's own accord.
-Strength; Deaigon as a species are exceedingly strong, their muscles nearing twice as dense per inch compared to other species. The Northern Deaigon to the point it slows them incredibly.
-Water Breathing; The southern Deaigon can submerge for centuries on end, to depths usually deadly to others.
-Senses; They contain senses of the best quality. Capable of hearing for blocks, as well as hearing frequencies not known to man.

-Soft Belly; The species as a whole has a severely soft stomach, newborn soft, no matter the age.
-Solitude; As a singular problem, they hate groups beyond 5 people. At that point claustrophobia kicks in, and they naturally become mortally aggressive. This can be bipassed, however takes great dedication.
-Paranoia; Believing themselves the utmost peak of perfection, they become paranoid easy. They may for no reason think the entire cosmos is after them because they polished their scales to well.
-Vanity; Despite their many weaknesses, this is their worst. They will walk into battle so weighed down by beauty gear that they can barely walk. No matter what their works, their appearances come first.
-Mentality; Though their minds are near unbreakable to their opponent, if they attempt to make the Deaigon insane, it will work. To well. The Deaigon will become completely animalistic and attack anything nearby.

Distinctions: Horns, scales, massive heights and girths, fire breathing
Average Lifespan: 5 millennia
-Northern; Being used to living under the planet's crust, near it's core, they have naturally grown resistant to heat, most even gaining fire channeling abilities. They tend to have horns, accompanied by thicker appendages to allocate the necessary strength of living subterraneanly. The most force user population comes from the North.
-Southern; Living mostly along the coast lines of the south, or even fully submerged, the Deaigon tend to be sleeker yet denser then their brethren. Usually blue or purple in tint, they have webbing along their bodies to allow faster swimming. Very rarely do Force Sensitives come from the south, but when they do they best the others in power.

Diet: Meats, some vegetables and fruits.
Communication: Speech

Culture: With no direct controlling government, nor leader, each Deaigon is responsible for oneself. If a crime is committed they handle it as a group at large, usually handled with a death sentence. Tending to be peaceful for the most part, it is undeniable that they crave combat though. Always sparring, training or just down right fighting as a past time across the species as a whole. Even though they are aggressive, the species tends to want to learn anything and everything, save for engineering.

Technology level: Very low, they must rely on other species to get the tech they require for their needs.

General behavior: Overly active, the species rarely sit and relax. They are always constantly fighting, learning, or traveling. Anything to occupy their time. If you lived for millennia you'd agree, anything is better than nothing.

Upon being provoked, anyone before them is an enemy, no matter what the case.

History: Remaining somewhat reclusive for nigh 30 centuries after their creation at the hands of their god Serizuto, the species was contempt staying solitary, for they viewed all others as less then good enough. Upon the first emergent from below, the species found that they had two different unique races, and they spent sometime swapping men between each tribe. This happened for a long while, the Deaigon still attempted anonymity amongst humans and the other species of Valhalla. But that was not to last.

Since their final complete revealing, the species has been one of the head species of the warrior and demi god classes for the planet. Spending their majority of time traversing the planet as an attempt at controlling police force, but to many this is a problem, due to their singular views. If another opposed their commands, a massive battle was likely to ensue.

It took several more millennium to finally begin their crossing. The crossing was their pilgrimage across the cosmos, colonizing other planets and laying roots amongst the stars. Soon the species became a powerful species among the best of them.

Notable Player-Characters: @[member="Woran"]
Intent: To make opposing forces for Feena Masons temple on Valhalla, as well as to name the species most powerful on the planet.

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