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Dawn of a New Era [Emperor Kaine]

Slowly he gathered his things. Both of his lightsabers were ready. Additionally he had a blaster pistol and a large amount of thermal detonators. He needed to be ready. The next battle wasn't one that would only change his life but the entire galaxy. Today Onyx was ringing in a new era- he was going to face Emperor Kaine.

As he finished inspecting himself to make sure he had all his weapons and gadgets he looked at his desk and noticed something... his mask. The mask that started everything, shaped after his ancestor Revan. He picked up the mask and examined it for a moment. It was bent and banged up from all his previous adventures. He hadn't worn it since he became a cyborg a few years ago. Sighing he remembered everything. Then he smirked. Opening up his cloak he tucked it neatly inside for when the time was right...

It took a few hours to reach his destination, one of the many temples on Korriban. He knew Kaine would be there, Korriban was one of the few worlds that wasn't under siege from their enemies. Likewise it was the only place left that was really dark in the galaxy, as the Mandalorians exacted their revenge and Republic completed their long quest of destroying them. But now he was there at the entrance to the temple.

He walked down the halls slowly. Now that he was a Sith Master once more, no one below his rank dared to stop him from moving. Those who knew who he was were even more terrified, never even looking at him. He didn't notice them either, too busy focusing on his task at hand.

Finally he was there, before two large doors. Beyond them was Kaine, the greatest foe he would ever face. He looked down, doubting he could go through with this. Then he collected himself, looking back at everything he had done in his life. Everything he did, everything he fought for, it all lead up to this moment. Even the first time he joined the Empire when he was a young man, he joined to become a Sith Lord. And now he stood outside the room the Emperor sat in.

After realizing all those things he looked back up from the floor and focused everything on the door. Extending both hands forward he opened the two large doors. He let a large breath of air out, forgetting to breath while looking back at everything. Stepping in he saw him, Kaine was sitting in his throne at the other side of the large room.

Onyx moved in, stopping at about half way. "My Lord..." he started, "I think you know why I'm here...." Onyx sat there and looked at Kaine in the eyes, never breaking contact. He was ready for anything, including death.

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