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Davern Galaar

Davern Galaar

NAME: Davern Galaar

FACTION: Order of the Black Hand

RANK: Merc, Bounty Hunter, Dark Jedi Apprentice

SPECIES: Rattataki

AGE: 25

SEX: Male

HEIGHT: 6'2"

WEIGHT: 248 lbs

EYES: Pale White


SKIN: Chalk-Grey

FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes. Untrained.



+.) Melee Expert - Davern prefers to fight up and close and personal and is an expert in melee engagements with sword, chain, and hand to hand combat.

+.) Armored Combatant - After wearing Beskar'gam for the past five years. Davern has learned to fight in it with grace and moderate agility despite its weight.

+.) Tech Savvy - Despite appearances and racial stereotype, Dav is quite good with most types of tech that involve armor, weaponry, and the like.

-.) Mute - Davern is a mute, his ability to speak crippled by battle. While he could, he hasn't had corrective implantation or surgery to repair this. This makes it difficult for him to coordinate with those untrained in a battle situation.
-.) Mentally Unstable - A sad genetic trait inherited from his biological species: Davern is prone to loosing himself on the battlefield, sometimes unable to distinguish friend from foe and even to the point of utter blood lust.

-.) Close Range Fighter - As stated above, Davern fights at close range. For a Mando, he oddly rarely trained for ranged engagements unless using a ship cannon or the like. While a moderate shot he is weak at range, lacking the precise aiming skills needed for the heat of a firefight.


Davern stands a health 6'2" and has a muscled by average looking frame almost always adorned by Beskar'gam. His army is painted dark orange with red detail. The colors corresponding with his desire for the good things in life and his loyalty to his now dead father. One shoulder plate has a navy blue bird-of-pray on it and one of his chest pieces has an icon like a strill. His vision is normally black but can change color depending on what his HUD settings are.

Under the armor, the male is quite different. Davern is a certainly a Rattataki. His chalk grey skin covers his entire body without a change in pigmentation anywhere. His eyes are a deep, clear pale white-silver color. His face has a black arching tattoo that goes from each ear to the top of his nose. His cheek has a large blaster burn across it where he was shot and his throat as a deep burn mark across it.

Davern was born on the rocky, arid world of Rattatak. His young life was spent learning to fight in his village; under the banner of his warlord Baren Niar. It was a rough and brutal childhood. He managed to survive through only skill and a little aid from the force, ever guiding his movements without his knowledge.

That life wouldn't be his for long however, a Mandalorian by the name of Kaden landed near his village to claim the Bounty on Baren. The whole village was raised in arms to kill the Mandalorian and his three compatriots. It was a slaughter. The Mandos were fair more than the village and palace levy could handle. Davern engaged one of the four in melee and fought with ever last breath in his body. he was wounded badly and his ability to speak crippled in the ensuing melee. Laying bloodied on the ground, he felt he was about to meet his end. However, he was sparred by the Mandalorian leader Kaden for his ability to fight and his ever present loyalty. At the age of 9 years old he was adopted into the Mandalorian ranks and nursed back to health by Kaden.

The next few years were spent traveling about the Galaxy with his new father. He was trained and taught in the ways of Mando'a and to be a Mando'ade. His loyalty indeed switched to that of his adoptive human father. The boy trained to become a true Mandalorian. However, all was not to last. At the age of 19 his father passed away from a lucky blaster blot to the throat. They're small band disbanded. It was this time that he dawned and repainted his father's gear and left to make his own mark on the galaxy.


Mandalorian Shock Trooper Armor with full HUD and Datapad built in

Two Heavy Repeating Trandoshan Blaster Pistols

Vurpine Shatter-gun (Rifle)

Rattataki War-Blade (Reinforced with Mando Iron)

Whip-Chain Gauntlet with 40 ft of wire.


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