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Dash Ardellian

Laura Na'Varro

Giver of Crisp High Fives
Dash Ardellian


NAME: Dash Ardellian
RANK: None.
SPECIES: Corellian
AGE: 25
SEX: Male
HEIGHT: 178cm
WEIGHT: 75kg
EYES: Hazel
HAIR: Light Brown
SKIN: Fair.


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
Magnetic Attitude: Dash is an enthusiastic, witty, fun-loving personality with an infectious sense of character and sense of humour. As a result, he does not lack for friends and is able to generate a lot of good will between himself and other people. He is a very welcoming individual and is able to see the good side of just about anyone.
Natural Pilot: Dash is an excellent pilot and though he is a risky flyer, he is able to thread his ship through situations that others would not be able to do.
Luck: Pretty self-explanatory really.
An Original: He has an eccentric way of looking at the galaxy and his own way of doing things, which others might see as quirky or amusing.
Persistent: Dash does not lack for self-confidence and rarely takes no for an answer. Though that sometimes is a weakness...

Womaniser: Once, Dash took his womanising ways as a badge of honour. These days, however, he sleeps around out of force of habit and is very dissatisfied with his love life. This contributes to an overwhelming sense of melancholy and depression that leads to ...
Alcoholism: Dash enjoys a drink rather too much. In fact, he is rarely sober. He even drinks when he should be sleeping, which he rarely does ...
Minor Insomnia: Dash often has nightmares, and can rarely force himself to sleep. This stems from his military history, from which he gained the medical condition of ...
PTSD: Dash has seen some stuff. Bad stuff. This has crippled him emotionally and mentally, and though he maintains an outwardly happy and open demeanour, he is in fact closed off and unwilling to share his experiences.

A friend of Dash's called Lenna Praxon once called him a "scruffy-looking nerf herder". In fact, she called him this many times. This is in fact true. Dash favours fashionable, scoundrel-style clothes, but he always has a touch of scruffiness to him. He has always rocked stubble and an average kind of haircut. At the moment he has a fair wallop of a moustache on him, which is a questionable look at best.

Born as the youngest of eight sons to a miner and a waitress, Dash Ardellian grew up knowing hard times. As a young child he would often have to scrounge around for scraps to eat, as his parents were unable to provide completely for their boys. Growing up, Dash and his brothers turned to the streets. Having the quickest hands and being the smallest, Dash was put to use by his brothers, who would hold street performances in the heart of Coronet's blue chip districts while Dash would weave through the crowd, picking pockets. The Ardellian boys soon left school for good, turning to the streets for income. However, while his brothers devolved into petty crime, Dash fell by chance into a piloting apprenticeship where he demonstrated extreme potential, leaving the streets behind.

At the age of eighteen, Dash joined the Republic Navy as a fighter pilot, serving with distinction in two tours of duty. Meanwhile on Corellia, his brothers started to die one-by-one, often the result of unlucky accidents or misunderstandings. This has scarred Dash mentally, who believes that he has absorbed all of his family's luck and as such is responsible for the deaths of his brothers. After his second tour of duty, Dash was a mess mentally, and left the Navy in order to return to Corellia to be with his grief-stricken parents.

No ship. A pilot without a ship ... *shakes head*