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Dary....I mean, Zymon McManus


Don't y'all know nothin'?

NAME: Zymon McManus
FACTION: Lonewolf, for now.
RANK: n/a
AGE: 36
HEIGHT: 5'10"
WEIGHT: 190 lbs.
EYES: Grey
HAIR: Light Brown
SKIN: White
FORCE SENSITIVE: Possibly. Unfocused. Untrained.


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
Weaknesses: Rude. Abrasive. Violent temper. At the expense of becoming "weak", Zymon constantly pushes people away and refuses any form of aid.
Strengths: Excellent hunter and tracker. Resilient. Fearless. Survivor. Skilled shooter, highly trained in hand to hand or knife combat.

Freighter. "Found" (hotwired). Keeps a retro, restored 74-Z speeder bike in the garage section of the freighter. Heavily modded, the freighter is fast in the hyper lanes, agile in the asteroid fields, and can pack a punch whenever it needs to deliver a crippling shot to an enemy vessel.

Being chased by pillaging pirates was one thing. Being chased by bloodthirsty vengeful pirates was another. After suffering a critical shot to an engine, Zymon's "borrowed" freighter sailed down into the atmosphere of Kashyyyk. After crash landing on the cold surface of the predator filled world of Kashyyyk, Zymon eventually awoke from his blackout. The pirates seemed to give up chase, and the damage to his freighter wasn't going to fix itself. Despite dings and scratches, the hull was intact, but he desperately needed parts. Kashyyyk wasn't very well known for it's technical abilities. Especially after the plague.

Ten years, Zymon lived down on the surface of Kashyyyk, fending off predators, starvation, and Wookie raids. His Freighter became his base, and he became known as the new crazy hermit who invaded their planet. Fearful of this hairless being, the Wookiees eventually just learned to steer clear of their planet's parasite. He had more firepower and traps than it was worth. Until now. Recent attack on Wookiee villages, children, and supplies have left the Wookiees with one final choice. It was time to hunt down the hunter.

Droids. Wookiees, allegedly. Death Troopers.