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Approved Tech Darth Vyrassu's Robes/armor

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Darth Vyrassu

Immortal Jen'ari Sith Emperor




Intent: Personal Armor/Robes of Darth Vyrassu
Image Source:

Canon Link:

Primary Source: N/A


Manufacturer: Darth Vyrassu
Affiliation: Darth Vyrassu
Model: Armor
Modularity: no

Production: Unique
Material: Spacers Leather, Armorweave, Cortosis, Duraplast with Tri-Prismatic Polymer


Classification: Armor
Weight: average

- Blasters (And other plasma type weapons): extremely high - The chest portion will do extreme protection against this type. as well as the gauntlets and belt.

- Kinetic: Average

- Lightsabers: Extremely high - The chest, Gauntlet and belt are all made out of Cortosis preventing a lightsaber from cutting those areas, but the legs and forearms are open to be damaged by a lightsaber.

- Other:
Sonic: None
EMP/Ion: Low


The chest, Gauntlets and belt is made of Cortosis to prevent stab and getting cut in half or loosing an arm from a lightsaber, Underneath the Cortosis is Durapalst to further enhance protection from blasters and explosions as well as resist lightsabers. His leg armor is simple Duraplast to provide protection against blasters and explosions but can only take so many hits from a lightsaber.


1: Various parts of the armor/robes are lightsaber resistant and can short out a lightsaber due to them beng made out of cortosis, these areas are his gauntlets, gloves, full torso and waist.
4: Has minimum protection from swords and blasters as his robes are made of spacers leather and armorweave.

1: His legs and upper arms are open to attacked from a lightsaber as the only armor on his legs and upper arms is armorweave and duraplast plating
2: This armor/robes have NO resistance to Sonic blast.
3: With the Cortosis and Duraplast Waist belt it makes it SLIGHTLY more difficult for him to end at the waist.

Darth Vyrassu built his armor to be flexible but to have protection in vital points of the body which is being forearms, hands waist and chest. Under the Armorweave and Spacers Leather robes on the torso is a Cortosis chest plate that wraps around his entire torso. His gauntlets are built out of cortosis with cortosis fingerless gloves and armorweave gloves underneath those. His robes cover his entire body and flows to the floor with a red sash in the front from the waist to the ground. The long flowing robes is made of Spacers leather and armorweave. The armor as well has durplast plates on his shins, knees and thighs, with Black boots.

Alkor Centaris

Son of Liberty
Hi there! I'll be helping you to get this submission approved. Bear with me while I go through a few things:

Model: Armor
Please change this to N/A.

Modularity: yes
Could you specify for me what parts of the armor are interchangable, or weapons systems etc. that would make this submission modular?

Kinetic: Little to no protection.
Duraplast is actually very durable as is Tri-prismatic polymer, and would provide substantial defense against kinetic wherever applicable in the armor. I would change this to average.

Swords and explosions would fall under kinetic, also, so you can remove those areas.

An explosion can generate high heat- would this armor provide any protection against that?

(Provide, in list format, a minimum of1 weaknesses of this submission.)(If your armour is vulnerable to specific types of attack (e.g. Ion/EMP/Lightsabers) please list these here)
Please remove this section.

[member="Darth Vyrassu"]

Alkor Centaris

Son of Liberty
Resistances High
Please remove "High" from this portion.

Also, could you change Blasters to "Extreme"? Considering the materials used in the submission, it can warrant that rating all around.

- Other: Swords: It has about average protection against these due to the spacers leather.
Explosions: This has average protection due to the Duraplast and Cortosis.
Please remove this section, as both would be covered under kinetic.

Also, could you please change weight to simply Average?

[member="Darth Vyrassu"]

Alkor Centaris

Son of Liberty
[member="Darth Vyrassu"]

Awesome, just a few more things and I'll turn you over to the secondary approval stage.

First, combine the first three strengths into a single strength that reads something along the lines of "various areas of the armor are lightsaber resistant, including __, __, and ___."

If you're using pure cortosis, add a strength involving those areas shorting out lightsabers.

Add that this offers no protection from sonic damage, as well.

Edit: Please also combine the current weaknesses into one weakness as well, since they deal with the same issue.

I'll need at least one more weakness as well, to balance out the strengths.

Alkor Centaris

Son of Liberty
[member="Darth Vyrassu"]

Could you please add the section about no resistance to sonic damage to your Resistances?

Then I'll send you on for approval.

Alkor Centaris

Son of Liberty
<p>Awesome. Pending Factory Mentor Review.<br /><br />[member="Jamie Pyne"], [member="Lily Kuhn"], [member="Zef Halo"]</p>
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