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Darth Ragnarok

NAME: Sebastian Blood

Sith Name: Darth Ragnarok

FACTION: Sith Ascendancy

RANK: Sith Knight


AGE: 43

SEX: Male

HEIGHT: 5'8"


EYES: Blue

HAIR: White

SKIN: Pale



STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
+ Genius: His mind is his greatest assist. He has spent his life devoted to science, alchemy, and genetics. His iq is above average which leads to a sense of superiority. He may not be good at fighting, but in his mind he is a Master martial artist.

+ Force PowerHouse: Physically he is weak so it seemed the most logical option to devote himself to the Force. He is widely studied in the use of the Dark Side and has been known to favour elemental abilities.

- Crippled: Due to an injury received as a child he has to walk with a cane. This has left him without the ability to walk fast or run at all. With the aid of the Force he can hide his limp and walk, not run,

-PTSD: While he has no problem torturing other people, he himself is always in a constant torture. When he closes his eyes he revisits his abuse and tragic childhood.


Sebastian was born on Corellia in a large, dark city to a powerful family. His family had gained their power on the backs of the poor and destroying other families; Like any true aristocrat. It was hard to believe anyone respected the family, but they were never crossed out of fear.

His parents only cared for their social status, and were more concerned about that then their son's well being when a nurse dropped him on his head after he was born. His parents were very abusive to the young child to one point his mother hung him out of a window as a baby for crying too much. During this his leg broke and twisted. It never got set right because his parents saw him as weak.

They would frequently drag him around to parties, and force him to be friends with the children of other wealthy Corelians. His parents hated other families though, but put on almost social masks in public to seem like more charming people. Sebastian hated the masks his parents wore.

As he grew older, he grew wiser and more cunning. He was constantly berated for his crippled leg which had also effected his mind making him a coward. He was constantly abused to create the fear and cowardness within him. He spent his time studying and learning to use the Force.

After he had become 15 he had a mind that exceeded a Master level student and was sufficient with the Force. One night when his parents were performing his daily abuse, he snapped and let out a Force Scream sending fear into his parents and caused them to fall unconscious. Some would believe this was an act of courage, but it was simply luck.

He didn't waste the opportunity mind you, his parents both awoke to being tied to two tables. I will not go into details, but what proceeded was a dark, sickening mixture of live experimentation and torture that ended a few weeks later with the death of his parents.

His parents were found burned on a speeder crash and no one learned of their real deaths. He inherited their fortune and used that money to continue his studies and research into science. On his own he began to dive into Sith Sorcery and Sith Alchemy. In his younger days he created two Sith hounds, male and female named Loki and Freya.

He did not heal his leg as it fed his hate which fed his power and power his his cowardness. As he grew older he grew stronger and rules over the city after killing the other rich families and becoming Lord of the city. He ruled this city for years until he became bored of it. In his 40s he began developing fire that was destructive and could even burn underwater. This fire was fueled by Sebastian's hate and power in the Dark Side. The fire was to be later known as SithFire, to break it down think Napalm, but on a much larger scale and also green.​
He used his fleet of ships and droids and strapped them with SithFire. In the cover of night his droids moved in and his fleet soared over the city unloading a years worth of SithFire on the city leveling it and killing hundreds of thousands. His reasoning for destroy the city was....unclear. You could say it was his hatred for the city that made him a laughing stock. Maybe it was to wipe evidence of his existence. Maybe it was to kill any reminder of his life so far or maybe he just wanted to. What is clear is that his fire was effective and he made a clean get away.​

So thus he joined the Sith to begin a different life deeper in the darkness.​




[member="Darth Ragnarok"] AHHHHHHH!!! JASON ISACCS!!!! He's awesome!!!! (meaning the character mainly and Jason too.. XD :) ) I'll rp with you if you wanna coordinate something. I have a wide array of characters to choose from.

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