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Approved Starship Dart Starfighter Interceptor

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Shamira Karuto

Burn the past - Heal the future

( Illustrator source: Joel Hustak)


Intent: To create a dedicated interceptor for ship to ship combat and escort for Firemane Industries.
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Canon Link: N/A
Restricted Missions: N/A
Primary Source: N/A

Manufacturer: Firemane Industries
Model: Dart class Interceptor
Affiliation: Firemane company and allowed buyers
Production: Minor
Material: Durasteel hull

Classification: Interceptor
Length: 12.3 meters
Width: 2.5 meters
Height: 6.8 meteres
Armament: Low
o Laser cannons (x2) – One each mounted on the underside of each wing
o Proton Torpedo launcher (x1) – Mounted/concealed on the main body of the Interceptor.
Defenses: Low
Squadron Count: 12 Darts per squadron
Maneuverability Rating: Very High
Speed Rating: High
Hyperdrive Class: N/A
Minimum crew: 1
Maximum crew: 1

o Military grade targeting system
o Military sensor capability systems
o Military grade shield
o Chaff Launcher
o Communications Array
o Droid slot – Can be fitted to accommodate any R unit, BB units, and other standard astromech units.

o Fast as light: These interceptors are fast. Extremely fast. Their armor and their weapons are not going to be the things overpowering the competition, its their ability to get behind their target, and stay behind them.
o Slick: Per their extreme speed and maneuverability, Darts are not easy to stay behind, therefore making them harder to shoot down.
o In and Out: Due to its design and speed capabilities, The Dart is perfect for quick hit and run attacks on smaller vessels or settlements.

o Liability: Like many extremely fast and sensitively controlled fighters before it, the Dart requires months of training for pilots to be able to fly it.
o Like punching holes in cardboard: To increase it’s speed and manueverablity, armor and defenses were sacrificed. If a Starfighter was able to line up shots on a Dart, it wouldn’t take many to punch through the hull and pulverize the internal systems.
o Ride sharer: The Dart has no hyperdrive capabilities, meaning it needs a capital ship to carry its squadrons, or a hanger to take off from.

Description: The Dart is the Firemane’s first attempt at designing a dedicated interceptor to protect it’s fleets and smaller vessels. As the name says, it’s a dart in the sky. Characterized by it’s extreme speed and maneuverability, no ship in the Firemane fleet can match the Dart for speed. With average armaments and armor, coupled with it’s speed, the Dart is a formidable opponent for dogfights. While much training is required to fly the Dart, those pilots that live through the dangerous and long training are rewarded with one of the deadliest ships in any space battle. While not packing the biggest punch, if a Dart gets behind an enemy fighter, expect fireballs in the sky soon after.
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