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Darren Shaw's personal lightsaber

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Like Lightning

Intent: To be used in replacing Darren’s twin sabers.
Development Thread:
Manufacturer: Self-made
Model: Lightsaber
Affiliation: Darren
Modularity: Minor
Production: Unique
Material: Lightsaber crystal, Durasteel.
Description: Given that Darren has a lot of lightsabers. He wants to replace them with a different lightsaber altogether. With the design of the hilt, Darren is going to continue to use white as his color of choice. Having a black and white hit, with a crimson blade. Seeing as how he has already taken his fathers Real lightsaber, and has none to call his own. Darren is creating one of his own fashion.

Simple lightsaber length and weight, the only thing added to the lightsaber is his family crest that he would hope to continue in the future. For his own lightsaber to be passed down.
Classification: lightsaber
Size: One-handed
Length: hilt: 30cm, blade: 140cm.
Weight: 1kg.
Other Features: None, general lightsaber.

(this will be the last lightsaber that I will create for Darren, I swear.)
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