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Darkness Under The Sand

Admiral Harris closed the door to his quarters, now sporting a new black uniform, his new orders were out of dominion space and into the void. A group of ships was being summoned with their targets set on jakku, information given to all looking to join was that they would be payed 1 million credits for ever man to join the exposition to the sandy world.
The credits woukd be payed after the relics were found and the only thing needed to join was a ship.
Harris ordered his fleet to return home as he boarded onto the Raider class corvette and strapped on his combat armor, he grabbed his Dh-17 blaster pistol and took off into the void heading for the beacon near Coruscant and the Galactic center. He played the same message over and over and prepared to meet the pilots from around the galaxy willing to help. The goal was a sith relic of sorts hidden under the sands of jakku and the goal was to find the source of the power and take it for studying.
Harris, Commanders Wills and a few more of the 2nd Harris Attack battalion were on board serving as security, the rest of the 2nd was with commanders Oklee and SideWinder in the capital. The 25 troopers on board were assigned to protect the fleet admiral and assist any ways possible. The Hyperdrive charged and the ship jumped.
What is the Darkness under the sand?

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