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Approved Tech Darklight armor

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Talon Vosra


Intent: To provide a form of multipurpose explorer armor for Talon whilr he searches the galaxy for force secrets and artifacts.
Development Thread: none
Model: Modified explorers armor
Affiliation: Talon Vosra
Modularity: no
Production: Unique
Material: Reinforced Duraplast on anti-blaster weave jump suit.
Description: The Darklight armor is designed to have a light system to illuminate Talons immediate surroundings when activated. The primary use is for searching caves and dark areas of the galaxy, but the major downfall is the attention it attracts from various enemies or predators. The secondary reason is Talon is afraid of the dark and is blind in darkness. The armor is also environmentally sesled against various hazardous conditions such as extreme heat abd cold as well as toxic atmospheres. The anti-blaster weave protects against minor blaster fire and is tare resistant. While the reinforced duraplast protects against most slashing or slicing objects such as vibroblades and predator's teeth.
The armor is also not typical fashion for a Sith and can help hide his affiliation from non-force users.

Classification: multipurpose
Weight: 15 kg
Quality: 5
Other Feature(s): Can give off light to illuminate surroundings. Also has built in long range comlink, datapad with datacard reader, holorecording device, sound regulating helmet to either amplify or dampen external noise, and lock breaking tool compartment behind left shin guard. Also has lightsaber quick release harness in the underside of both gauntlets. Finally and prehaps most important for the intended use is the environmental seals which are designed for nearly all hazardous envirnments and atmospheres. Armor has limited functionality in vacuum up to 5 hours if breath control force techniques are employed or 1 hour if unconcious or unable to use the force.
Not open for further replies.