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Approved Tech Dark'chyld

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Balaya Praelior

Balaya Zambrano, One of Many

Image Credit: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_ZhvOJQUfPCM/S8NxunEe5FI/AAAAAAAAAEU/73bu1pWQBk8/s320/Cave_of_the_Rainbow_Crystal_by_Kohitsuji_no_Bushi.jpg

Intent: To create a living entity within very rare crystals and provide something interesting
Development Thread:
Manufacturer: Balaya
Model: Sentient Crystal
Affiliation: None
Modularity: None
Production: Minor (limited by the finding a crystal and forming a bond with it)
Material: Silicon

Something that was unexpected when Balaya set off to create the lightsaber to commemorate her master ascension to the position of Emperor. It was also the first flight of her new ship that he granted her for her loyal service compared to the others. Kara and Nureliya had vanished on him as his apprentices. The Lords of Shadow had fallen into obscurity, the place they wanted to be but something that heralded more them just being a group everyone had joined and forgotten about. With the resurrection of Karin Dorn and her return to the empire it was quite interesting but she moved to another planet leaving Elani to take the throne on Thule.

That was why she was out there, to find some direction while acclimating to the new position of the Emperor's hand. Over the course of a month and with more patience then usual Balaya constructed a saber of black metal over gold while the crystal sat in it. Made a little larger to better be gripped in her hands. After two tries with it where she failed to proper construct it. A mistake that even to some could still happened the blade ignited shimmering with a snap hiss from its hilt as the lifeform inside invigorated from the focus the force created on him had more life.

The conversation between the two of them let her know that the bond created was.... Not uncommon but for the pair it would need to be a secret. It would need to be hidden and as the blade hummed to life Balaya killed the captain and scared into submission the first officer who would do as needed. Then she returned towards Sith space and what would become her small conquest of Bastion. With the sith lord who had been in control of it now overseeing sector II she could take the fortress world and turn it into a forge for the might of the empire.

The limitations of the crystal are the manner in which it lives itself. There are chances that other rainbow gems or even Tsil crystals could be with a strong enough connection between the user and the crystal the blade can talk. Its small sphere of influence given to protecting itself from being misaligned. The sentence of the crystal is limited to thoughts in the others head and its own experiences. The knowledge is not like a holocron and able to store vast amount it is akin to a person on their deathbed telling their secrets to another person. All things that can help or hurt their enemies, secret alliances and plots against them. The memories and information is subject to old age meaning eventually the crystals mind might suffer from Alzheimer like symptoms.


Image Credits: http://img144.imageshack.us/img144/7852/l4a107d3822d43b6b195fdery4.jpg
Classification: Lightsaber
Size: Handheld
Length: 145 centimeters
Weight: 1Kg
Other Features: Houses a Dark'chyld crystal

Judas of Vahl

Beyond Broken
@[member="Balaya Zambrano"]
I like the sub concept! Never seen a sentient crystal. The development thread is pretty adequate, I checked and saw a total of 1,333 words. An Artificial Intelligence dev thread needs a min of 1k words, so this is along the lines of that and it's good. The only things I wanted edited or removed is the knowledge and secrets passing. How much can these augmented crystals carry? To me, this seems a lot like a mobile holocron, something which can be harshly abused if not reviewed properly.

Just elaborate more along the design, intelligence, and the personality of this little crystal. And if you're creating the saber along with it, I'll need the Melee Weapon template to be in here as well.
@Me when done.
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