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Dark Swarm


Eater of the Dead
Intent: To create a specialty interceptor for the lords of the Fringe

Development Thread:

Manufacturer: Iron Crown

Model: Interceptor

Affiliation: Lords of the Fringe

Modularity: None

Production: Minor (1 squadron)

  • Durasteel (frame)
  • Reflec (hull)
  • Transparasteel (one way)
Description: A very simple design based on the old Stealth X fighters and made for a simple role. Being deployed in a fight to sneak around and pick off targets when they appear before they fade back into the blackness of space. The few systems on them are made to simply work and do as needed. The shields were removed, the hyperdrive removed to reduce weight and deploy it minorly away from the ship. The cloaked Chimaera is the perfect ship to hold and deploy the Dark Swarm. The interceptor has severely reduced weight and one way transparasteel glass with a reflec hull plating to jam sensors.

  • Partial stealth systems
  • Speed

  • No shields
  • No hyperdrive
  • Limited production
  • Short range
  • Limited weapons

Classification: Starfighter

Role: Recon

Height: 1.75

Width: 1.75m

Length: 5m

Power Core Generator/Reactor: TibannaX

Hyperdrive Rating: None

Minimum Crew: 1

Optimal Crew: 1

  • 2x Laser cannons
  • 2x Flak cannons
  • 1 Ion cannon
Hangar: None

Non-Combative Attachments:
  • Thermal disspator
  • Photon Absorber
  • Sensor Negators

Passenger Capacity: None

Cargo Capacity: 20kg

Consumables: 1 Day

Sublight Speed and Maneuverability: Class 1