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Dark pasts, Bright futures (Rat, Stray, James)

Salina Aviner

Seeing is believing, but one must see first.
Sitting in her room Salina had been thinking on a great deal of things. Mainly how her life had changed so greatly over the years. From a blind daughter of a politician and a soprano, to a wandering fortune teller, to a brief period as a singer herself, and now to a spell learning apprentice in the Order of the Black Hand. So much had happened and yet so much HAD happened that Salina found her mind wandering to dark places. Her life before, how happy she was and how painful it was when all that happiness was taken from her. With Xira sitting in her lap, she petting her, Salina began to sing a sad song she'd been taught. It was one of morning over those who were long gone.

@[member="Rat Six"] @[member="Stray"] @James Mathison


Rat Six

Rat was doing his routine morning exercise, which consisted of push up, pull ups, aerobics exercises and a small jog around the Citadel. It's strange even after being free from slavery, Rat still found it hard to not to do his morning training regiment. It's was as if this these morning routines was somehow inbred into his very DNA. Forcing him to do it, even if he didn't want to . During his jog around the dorms section of Citadel . Rat heard singing coming from Sallina's room. Her heavenly voice had ensnared Rat to approach her room , like a moth to a flame. Rat was so entranced by her voice that when he opened up her room door, he just stood dumbfounded by her angelic singing voice.

Rat waited until she was done singing, not wanting to interrupt her beautiful singing . Before finally speaking to her. "Such a lovely voice you have sister. I would've never had guessed you could sing like a choir of angels. "Rat said as he walked over to @Sallina Aviner.

@[member="Stray"], @James Mathinson.


The Wolf
Stray left his room looking around before he begain to walk down the hall quietly with his head down, hoping no one saw him as he really just wanted to be left alone. @[member="Rat Six"] @[member="Salina Aviner"]