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Dark Lord Vintitus Lightsaber

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Just under the upper hand.
[SIZE=small]Intent:[/SIZE] To provide a major player reward for an up coming thread
[SIZE=small]Development Thread:[/SIZE][SIZE=small] N/A
Manufacturer: Dark Lord Soren Vintitus (NPC)
Model: Custom Light Saber
[SIZE=small]Affiliation:[/SIZE] Sith (Formerly Dark Lord Soren Vintitus)
[SIZE=small]Modularity:[/SIZE] None
[SIZE=small]Production:[/SIZE] Unique
[SIZE=small]Material: [/SIZE]Hilt made of Sith Alchemized Phrik, color changing blade produced by a sentient crystal, female persona and “voice“.
Dark Lord Vintitus was a paranoid sith lord from the Sith Empire during the old republic. He feared being attacked by his fellow Sith lords and their apprentices. However he still had an odd desire to share his exploits with another being. During an expedition for new species to experiment on he came across a cave on the forest floor of Kashyyk. Deep inside the cave he found a glowing crystalline formation. As he approached the crystals began changing colors and a soft hum was audible. When the hum began a voice was then heard in the Sith lord’s mind, asking him to leave them in peace. Amazed the Dark Lord approached and took several of the smaller crystals, who objected, and left. he later experimented with them trying to use them in the creation of a new lightsaber. He succeeded one the fifth try and locked the other two away in a vault on his Sith battle ship. The crystal however was not pleased. after years of watching and conversing with the Sith the crystal finally convinced him to take an apprentice and make a holocron. years passed and the inevitable happened when the Apprentice turned on his master. Seeing the opportunity the crystal held back the energy beam and allowed the apprentice to decapitate his master. In thanks the apprentice locked his masters lightsaber in a vault with the holocron and other now growing crystals. The ship was left in space floating aimlessly with only basic life support active along with exactly one flashing light on the hull. However, the ships doors were all opened and the many Sith experiments were loosed. Only the vault, the bridge, and the engine room remained sealed.
[SIZE=small]Classification: [/SIZE][SIZE=small]Light saber
Size: One-handed
Length: Hilt=.2 meters, total with blade extended = 1.4 meters
Weight: 1.4 kg
Other Features: Blade color alters with crystal’s (not wielders) mood. Hilt is made of Phrik and as such nearly indestructible. Hilt is also water tight and able to work in any natural environment.

Calina Ovmar

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On the grounds that the crystal you are intending to use does not exist in canon no has it been created in any previous submissions. This is denied.
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