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Daos - Character Creation


NAME: Daos


AGE: Twenty Eight

SEX: Male

HEIGHT: Six Foot Seven


EYES: Brown.

HAIR: N/A Bald

SKIN: Black



STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
Strength:The rigors of the jungle, coupled with the genetic makeup of his kinsmen make Daos an extremely powerful individual.

Hunters Intuition: Daos's survival depended on his ability to hunt the native Flora and Fauna of Haruun Kal. Hunt is an appropriate term because poisonous plants and feral beasts were known to be the cause of many fatalities. Perhaps one could call his gift of sensing the imminent danger clouding an event or object the act of the force, but one cannot dispute his competency in navigating the wild.

Strong In The Force, you are: Daos's force sensitivity is above average.

Unstable:Daos's mental profile has taken some hits over the years. Constant adversity has led him to regard everything in life as a struggle. Daos is prone to be manipulated by events out of his control; This weakness makes him highly exploitable.

Arrogant: As a result of his physical power and strength in the force, Daos has become a highly arrogant individual. And like any arrogant individual, he tends to overestimate himself or underestimate his enemies.

Daos is completely bald. A jagged line of scar tissue draws itself across the bridge of his nose. The males pockmarked chest is defined by crevasses of hardened muscle. He is a truly imposing individual by human standards.


Daos, Baludu: A boy of unremarkable origin was born to two parents in the fringes of Haruun Kal. His younger years were spent learning about his tribes history from the elders. From this, he was able to understand the the nature of Pelekotan(The Force), which aided in their continued existence in this inhospitable region. Daos's father was the villages Chieftain and made sure to make his son as powerful as he could be. At the tender age of five, the young boy was already running several miles a day to prepare him for the future. From there, the young boy was trained in the usage of Vibroshields. Their fighting style consisted of hardening ones body to its limits and then utilizing whatever limb was available to land devastating attacks. At the age of Thirteen Daos attempted to tame his first Akk-Dog. He failed. The rampaging beast moved swiftly to deliver its refusal before it was driven away by the members of his tribe. His father was infuriated and sentenced his son to exile. This meant that he would have to navigate through the treacherous landscape of Haruun Kal alone. With just a set of Vibroblades and Grasser meat the teen tearfully charted towards his destiny... In these dark times the Teen was forced to rely on the one thing he had left. The force. The jungle spoke to him in ways that a casual observer would never understand. It guided him away from the films of noxious gas that had felled many of his kinsmen. It directed his attacking arm towards the weakest point of the native Fauna so that he could eat. The planet was his guide for ten years. And then he was reunited.

Daos was now a man and every bit part of the Jungle. He was not expected to survive, but he had, and in doing so he defied the odds. Shortly thereafter he'd come across an pilfered encampment -- the poorly equipped Grasser camp was demolished. Body parts were entangled in barbed fencing. Bodies swung from crude ropes but something was amiss. He recognized these people. These were his kin. The enraged male entered the camp to investigate and was ambushed by foreigners. He'd easily brush them aside with carefully timed movements that allowed the slug thrower rounds to ricochet across the jungle. Not a single one of them survived. His people had been locked up in cages. His father was among them, the emaciated man was a shadow of his former self. He explained that after he left everything went down hill. Rightfully so, the punishment did not fit the deed. None had been exiled before when they had failed their coming of rites, but this was different because he was the son of the Chieftain. Daos wiped the tears from his fathers face as he freed him and said. "Do not fear, father. You have exiled me-- expected me to die, but the Jungle lives within me and I am the jungle. Look, the jungle has offered me your life and I will take it." With his father dead, the tribe of thirty tripled within a matter of weeks. Daos had learned from his fathers complacency in regards to leaving other clans alone. He aimed to conquer them, and if they refused to be subservient, he'd kill their Chieftain and assimilated into his clan. The people of Baludu knew war. After rallying enough men, Daos knew it was time to strike back. Whenever and whenever he saw foreigners, he killed them. It was the only way to ensure the survival of his peoples. The outside world could never be trusted.