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Danger, Drugs, & a Date [Tisha]


The new home for Benny, The Wheel, was becoming more and more comfortable with each stack of credits being poured into Benny's bank account. Best idea the man ever had, Stratosphere was. But with the renovations done, Benny had a ton of spare time on his hands. He sat in his luxurious condo on the space station, watching some old movies, bored out of his mind.


Just like that, Benny had an idea. Benny reached for his phone and gave a certain someone a call. "Tisha? Yea. I'm bored outta my mind, doll. Mind payin' the boss a visit? Bring some of your merchandise. Alright, swingin'." Benny hung the phone up and continued watching a movie until his employee knocked on the door.

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