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Dancing in the Fields

Kirachi Teoar

Aliit ori'shya tal'din
ORD MANTELL: Orodam Plains

Everything was so big. There was so much more to life than kibble and hunting. Ord Mantell was just a tiny piece of the galaxy, a regular world tucked away in the fabric of existence. So the young Nexu known as Kirachi did her best to enjoy what she had, and to explore what there was to see. Now here the lass was. One of the many fields in Orodam (Known for Ordam city) was currently her playground. Keeping her shoulders tight she hung low to the grass, getting ready to pounce one one of the plain rats. Letting out a quiet growl she pushed into the ground, haunches moving to launch her into the air. A second later there was a dead scamp in her mouth. Than it was gone, swallowed in one gulp.

"Kira, you're adorable." As expected, Val (Kira's 'owner' and companion) was not far away. She sat higher up on the hill, chuckling as she watched her little friend. The duo was here on vacation. Fondor wasn't exactly the best habitat for a lass like her. Skyscrapers and spaceports didn't appreciate a barely 'tame' Nexu wandering around them. For nearly a week she had been confined to small parks and Val's ship, The Starlight Victor. Not fun. Running around outside was so much better. Definitely more entertaining. Just another reason the cub loved coming out here. After all, she was born and raised in these fields and the nearby cave system. Ord Mantell was the perfect home for a wondrous little beast.