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Approved Species Dakan

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Sargon Vynea

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  • Name: Dakan

  • Designation: sentient

  • Homeworld: Dakona long gone in sun's nova

  • Language: Daki

  • Average height of adults: 1.5m

  • Skin color: originally found in many variates, but has been reduced to a universal sickly gray color

  • Hair color: n/a hair growth has stopped

  • Breathes: Oxygen

  • Strengths:

    extreme efficiency on a racial level

  • survivalist by nature

  • warships use rather powerful armor

  • enhanced my mechanical implants for organs


  • loss of ability to reproduce

  • implant rejection continues on a cellular level requiring continual replacement of implants, greater chance on 'cheaper' implants

  • inability to create a sustainable growth cycle, once every building material is consumed the death of the entire species is unavoidable

  • while implants allow them to live long periods without activity and minimal nutritional needs, much of the species is in an extreme state of muscle deterioration due to inactivity

  • no knowledge of the force, or any force sensitivity among its members

  • lack of any laser or turbolaser technology

  • lack of any type of shielding technology

  • Distinctions: originally would have been considered a near human species, currently all members have at least some organs replaced with machine implants to keep the body alive, some are basically brains floating in a tank

  • Average Lifespan: 115 years... currently as long as an individual receives replacement parts indefinite

  • Races: n/a

  • Diet: all food now is a matter of a nutritional paste feed via feeding tubes

  • Communication: vocal cords, minds are also able to directly communicate inside of planet ships while they are in stasis via communication through a central computer and mind-machine interfaces

  • Culture: The Dakan originally started out as a rather peaceful race with an emphasis on the telepathic art forms. Their ability in telepathy and empathy created a slower technological evolution as war was practically nonexistent. With a world heavy on resources, and a slower birth rate then most species the Dakan had little to fight over by the standards of other species. In their post atomic world however disaster struck and ended the beauty that was Dakona. Their sole sun Rithsu began to die, and leaked massive amounts of radiation onto the surface of Dakona.

  • At least half the population died out while underground cities were developed to protect the people. At that point their species had never lacked resources including food, and another half again died until they were able to create a sustainable system underground. At this point in time they began using machine implants to improve upon the efficiency of individuals, and their usage of supplies. This in turn somehow completely destroyed both their empathic, and telepathic abilities, and over a very short time their cultural sense was nearly completely lost.

  • Technology level: unique technological advancements including gravitational technologies

  • IE Their engines were based upon gravitational propulsion requiring large ships to create gravitational fields of enough power to move the ships. All weapon systems were based upon slugthrowing via using enhanced gravitational field to create tension and energy in smaller packages and then when released the combined energy being rather explosive. lacked all laser technology and shields.

  • General behavior: currently most individuals are in a stasis living their bodies being feed through a feeding tube. The active members have difficulty interacting as their psychology has been warped by the man-machine interfacing they live with on throughout their daily lives. As a species their culture has been nearly forgotten, and they live mostly in search of new worlds to harvest. There are three basic jobs in the current age, making replacement parts for individual implant replacement, surgical members who actually change the implants, and their military force which searches the galaxy desperate to find new worlds to harvest.

  • History: (please refer to culture for pre-space colonization)

  • After enduring several generations underground the Dakan worked tirelessly to master technologies that would allow them to leave their planet. Through a series of brilliant inventors, and scientist most of their technological wonders rotated around gravitational control, and using such to create energy. While these engines required incredible mass to operate they did create a sustainable source of energy for the Dakan.

  • Eventually they were able to turn build a rather massive star ship, and leave their dying world. Sadly for the species their sun did nova before more then two could be sent out, and as the first two were full of military specialist, scientist, and engineers all of the little cultural influences left to the Dakan never left Dakona.

  • The survivors however were extremely successful at space travel and colonization of other worlds. They did lack a hyperdrive technology though, and as such by the time they reached their first world most of the species would not have survived reentering an atmosphere full of bacteria. As a collective group the Dakan decided to stay living aboard ships, and began to simply harvest resources in secure suits to make larger fleet, and repopulate their species.

  • The plan was exceptionally successful, and in short time a large fleet of ships was made, and instead of relying on the species low birth rate a type of cloning technology took replace of the more natural process. In time the Dakan decided on an entirely different plan for their new life in space, and after several generations of combined planning and design their first 'world ship' was ready to be built. Stripping their new colony of every single available resource down to the outer core the ship was built over a dozen generations. This was the apex of the Dakan civilization and the pure mass of the ship utilized their unique technologies like no other. This was however the beginning of the end for the Dakan.

  • The Dakan moved most of their population into the world ship, and recycled their non-warships. With this completed they moved onto the next world hoping to make a second world ship and continue their growth in population, and power. The gravitationally powered engines and machines of the world ship had several adverse effects on the entire ship, the most devastating being complete infertility. While they had progressed a type of cloning it required actual embryos, all of which were now completely dead.

  • With no method of reproduction the survival of existing members of the Dakan species became paramount, and the amount of implants per individual jumped in a rather dramatic fashion. Bodies were kept in stasis controlled environments for the greater part of the population while a solution was searched for. It was at this point that they first interacted with other species, but their advanced ship building was considered intimidating. Combine that with the desperation of the entire race to discover new technologies it wasn't long before heads bumped.

  • It became clear in short order that the incredible scale upon which the Dakan built simply dominated anything that went against it. Using its unique technologies and weaponry they soon brought several species to their knees. The Dakan by this point were no longer the peaceful empaths, they were now a species bent completely on harvest worlds for resources to sustain their species. As the machine implants in each individual reached an apex point they began to be able to interface with their enormous battleships, and as such could field a much larger number then they once could.

  • This unbridled rein of conquest and harvest consumed an entire galaxy as the Dakan sought out resources to maintain 'life', and replacement parts for implants. The cloning technology they never found though for while many species may have developed it in time the Dakan wiped out a galaxy full of ingenuity before it had a chance to grow. Such have they reached their current state of decline as there are no more worlds to harvest, and without a new source for materials their species over extended fight against extinction will come to an end.

  • Notable Player-Characters: N/A this is an event only species no PCs will be allowed of this species

  • Intent: to create an event species that will literally cease to exist at the end of said event

Coryth Elaris

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Define extremely efficiency on a racial level.

Sargon Vynea said:
minds are also able to directly communicate inside of planet ships while they are in stasis
So telepathy? Or integration with the ship via implants? Or force use?

Sargon Vynea said:
unique technological advancements including gravitational technologies
Need a little more definition here.

Few typos do need cleaning up, but that's me nitpicking.

Darron Wraith

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