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Approved Tech D3X

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Kal Voss


[SIZE=13pt]Intent:[/SIZE][SIZE=13pt] a companion for Kal Voss and a gunner for his ship[/SIZE]

[SIZE=13pt]Development Thread:[/SIZE][SIZE=13pt] NA[/SIZE]
[SIZE=13pt]Manufacturer:[/SIZE][SIZE=13pt] unknown[/SIZE]
[SIZE=13pt]Model:[/SIZE][SIZE=13pt] Proxy Droid[/SIZE]
[SIZE=13pt]Affiliation:[/SIZE][SIZE=13pt] Kal Voss[/SIZE]
[SIZE=13pt]Modularity:[/SIZE][SIZE=13pt] No[/SIZE]
[SIZE=13pt]Production:[/SIZE][SIZE=13pt] Unique[/SIZE]
[SIZE=13pt]Material: [/SIZE][SIZE=13pt]Durasteel[/SIZE]
[SIZE=13pt]Description:[/SIZE][SIZE=13pt] DEX was a Proxy droid obtained by Kal Voss in his travels. The droid was fitted with advanced holographic technology, which allowed the droid to project a holographic layer surrounding its frame. This is conjunction with the droids adjustable legs and arms, and voice synthesizer, could impersonate almost any humanoid.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=13pt]Before Kal had obtained the Droid, its previous owner had upgraded its programming, allowing the droid to speak in all common languages as well as combat programming more then adequate to man the turret in Kal’s ship.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=13pt]Classification: [/SIZE][SIZE=13pt] Fourth-Third Degree[/SIZE]
[SIZE=13pt]Weight: [/SIZE][SIZE=13pt]75kg[/SIZE]
[SIZE=13pt]Height: [/SIZE][SIZE=13pt]1m – 2.7m (preset: 1.7M)[/SIZE]
[SIZE=13pt]Movement: [/SIZE][SIZE=13pt] Bipedal[/SIZE]
[SIZE=13pt]Armaments: [/SIZE][SIZE=13pt]NA[/SIZE]
[SIZE=13pt]Misc. Equipment: [/SIZE][SIZE=13pt]holographic projector, [/SIZE]
Not open for further replies.