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D3-Q1R Theta 115 (Styx)


NAME: D3-Q1R Theta 115 / a.k.a. Styx
FACTION: Atresian Empire
RANK: What rank does your character hold in his/her faction?
SPECIES: Battle Droid, Q-Series Droideka, Third Generation Model
AGE: Built 24 BBY
GENDER: Gender-Neutral
HEIGHT: 1.83 meters
WEIGHT: 80 kilograms
EYES: Red Sensors / Aquamarine Photoreceptors
HAIR: Not Applicable
SKIN: Gunmetal Silver / Racing Yellow


The Q-series droidekas were more formidable than the Trade Federation's many B1 battle droids for several reasons. They were able to transform into a wheel-like configuration, allowing rapid movement and compact storage. When they encountered their targets, the bronzium-armored droids would unfold into a tripodal weapons platform, equipped with powerful, built-in twin blasters and often personal shieldgenerators. These shield generators could endure much punishment, and were capable of deflecting or absorbing any manner of firepower up to a light artillery bolt, as well as lightsaber blades and physical attacks, among other weaponry. Additionally, the effectiveness of these droids was bolstered by the lack of true photoreceptors; instead, droidekas utilized non-visual composite radiation sensors, less likely to be distracted by mere light-based trickery. Droideka dispensers were sometimes used as transport and dispense for these droids. They were capable of deploying droidekas right into a combat zone, and proved a nuisance to enemy troops for this reason.
Despite being a very formidable droid, the droideka had one major design flaw. Its shield was designed to enclose the droideka in a standing position, but if the droid was to be knocked on its side or against a wall, the shield would have no way of distinguishing the wall or floor from a blaster rifle or lightsaber. This meant that the shield generator had to continue supplying energy to the shield, resulting in an overload, as demonstrated during the rescue on the Invisible Hand. The shorted-out shield generator would leave the droideka vulnerable. Also, in the rolling position, the droideka's shield could not be activated, leaving it vulnerable while rolling from place to place. They were made after the failed grappling droideka design.
Droidekas had a hard time maneuvering on downward slopes and climbing up stairs. In their rolling configuration, they would have to go back quite a bit and then speed up, launching themselves up the stairs. They could also try to traverse stairs in walking configuration, although it was extremely hard for them to coordinate their three legs on stairs.
Additionally, this droideka model, like the others, could not fire at targets in close proximity because its blasters were too far spread out.


Styx was made around 24 BBY. It was stored in a warehouse and was never deployed into actual combat before the end of the Clone Wars. After the fall of the Separatist union, it was bought in a group by a private sector organization where it began several periods of brief non-combat use as a guard, scout and even at one point a trophy. During the Battle of Mustafar, many of its predecessors were destroyed, however by this time it was previously sold to and owned by a wealthy trade merchant who kept it as a novelty. When the trader died of old age, his remaining wares were seized, the unit received yet another memory wipe and was finally placed into cold storage though for reasons unknown. After a grueling two hundred years in an environmentally sustained storage facility, it was brought out and auctioned off as salvage to a wealthy family. Their daughter "took care of" the droid and by this point, its twin blasters were removed in favor of less dangerous grappling claws. The girl was a tech savant and as she got older, made several big modifications to it including adding two photoreceptive cameras over its sensors so that it could see normally and an upgraded core so that it could handle individual thought processes more like a humanoid droid. She is the one who gave it the nickname of "Styx," after its thin, weathered out form looking like sticks and twigs.
Styx spent the next few centuries after as a renegade, finding its own means of getting maintenance and repairs and salvaging or taking odd jobs for money to travel or get repairs and replacements with. For personal reasons, he eventually joined the Atrisian Empire and was repainted yellow with a right-offset black racing stripe. He now serves as a bounty hunter and operative.

Droideka Q-Series Twin Blasters (Modern Equivalent) - Left Hand
Droideka Grappling Hook - Right Hand
IG-Series Flame Projector - Under Head





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Hey @[member="Droideka 0793"], I found another one of you :p

Like the bio, a lot, actually. The yellow paint decal sounds like it'd stick out like a sore thumb in any environment, though. But otherwise, I really like this character setup :) have fun with Akio and his mustache-twirling self.