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CYOA Series: A Betrayal of Trust

Alexia Preston

A woman walked into the bar on Corellia. She was wearing a dress of a deep green that shimmered as the light danced off of it. The fabric had straps that fell off her shoulders leaving them bare, the rest I the dress tight and short leaving little to the imagination. Her long hair was left down and in a tamed mane of waves and curls, the caramel locks resting on her shoulders and down her back while contrasting nicely with her pale skin. She made her way to the bar counter, managing to make little noise with her heels as she slid into a stool and ordered a blue milk on the rocks.

She tucked the hair on her right side behind her ear, and slowly turned back to face the doorway. This was the signal to her business partner. Or, hopefully business partner. She hadn't met the man yet, but he had made noise about looking for her.

Out of the corner of her eye she saw a well dressed man slide into the seat to her left. Lexi turned back to face front, keeping him in her sight at all times. He too ordered a blue milk, only his was straight up. She suppressed a sigh of relief.

The man slid an envelope in front of her. "You lookin' fer work?" He said gruffly. "I got a man who needs killin'."

She took the envelope and opened it, pulling out photos clearly taken on Tattooine. He was a handsome man, very chiseled. She flipped through various photos, taking note he was a pod racer mechanic and had a decent home and business.

"What did he do?" She asked, her small voice almost getting lost in the crowd. The buyer cleared his throat.

"He done slept wiff my wife, that's what he done. What do it matter?"

"Oh, it matters very much," she said simply, placing the photos back in the envelope with care. "I don't kill men who haven't committed crimes."

"Adultery is a crime, and he soiled what were mine, missy!" He countered, snatching the envelope from her hands. "She is gunna leave me fer 'im. I can' spoil my name for the likes of this dandy."

Alexia considered for a moment, putting herself in his shoes. She wasn't sure what may constitute a killing, but it was a job and she needed the adventure ...


Option A: Alexia turns down the job, and someone dies.

Option B: Alexia takes the job, and someone becomes a hostage.

Option C: Alexia gets kicked out of the bar, but still takes the job.

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