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Cylin Stathan

Dr.Clyin Stathan

Name: Clythin Stathan
Species: Human
Age: 50
Gender: Male
Hair: Gray/Brown
Eyes: Brown
Occupation: Freelance Doctor, former Republic Navy SBPC (Special Boarding Party Corpsman)
Force Sensitive: No

Biography: Born on a small hydroponics station during the Plague years, Clythin spent the majority of his youth in relative isolation with his reclusive farmer parents. On the station he tended crops and busied himself by reading up on the great nations and kingdoms of old. After his truly unremarkable childhood he decided to barter travel from one of the spacer's the family traded with, determined to investigate the tales he'd heard about the supposed grandness of the Republic. He failed to inform his family. His father would've murdered him when he discovered what he'd done if Clythin had been in system.

Clythin had traded enough goods to make it to Coruscant and nearly died of a heart attack when he first stepped off the spacer's starship. The isolated seventeen had never seen or imagined such sights. He spent a few days wandering about before the glitz finally wore off and he realized he'd need a job. Fast. Having no other skills besides various hydroponics systems and no real credits to speak off the teen took the advice of a stranger and sought out a Republic Navy Recruiter. Because of Clythin's unique set of circumstances the recruiter expedited the necessary paperwork and got the strange man to boot within two weeks.

Clythin excelled in boot camp, preferring the strict guidance that the environment provided as he adjusted to completely alien settings. After graduating Clythin was selected for Corpsman duty and completed the necessary schooling before volunteering for one of the most dangerous ratings in the Republic Navy at the time. Special Boarding Party. At the time the Navy had created a job solely for the purpose of boarding enemy ships and taking control of their systems. Clythin completed the grueling training pipeline and earned his place among some of the Navy's craziest.

After six tours of watching his comrades getting ripped apart by blaster bolts and thermal detonators Clythin got out of the Navy after ten years and attended Coruscant University on a military scholarship, receiving his Doctorate in medicine after arduous years of school work.

From there he acquired a small freighter that he converted into a traveling practice.

He's been doing the same thing for twenty years.

Strengths: Amazing with a blaster, DOCTOR', Good Pilot

Weaknesses: Aging, Forgetful