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Cybercrime Coruscant Ep.1: Nihama

Tavjurn Phil


The Ministry of the Public Security, Electronic Division

It was a lavishly decorated government building. Stone and marble columns adorned with handcrafted brass lighting amid high towering ceilings. The polished tile floors were draped in long ruby carpets and decorated with finely potted ferns. It was a beautiful place but it was also quite empty. Clean and scrubbed, but strangely so. As if this place never got visitors. As if it the floors had never seen a dirty shoe.

Phil walked into the grand lobby and brushed past the singular woman at the desk. She was an android with nothing to say. Security was military grade and that meant even the receptionist was a robot these days. The elevator opened automatically and Phil entered briskly. Hitting the button for the second floor. He kept this thoughts to himself as the elevator quickly arrived and the door once again swished open. Then a second set of blast doors opened just beyond that. It was impressive really, but he let that pass.

He headed out into the hall and walked down the long gilded hallways. A fortress disguised as a paradise hotel. A humanoid sentinel droid waited for him at the end of hall without moving. Another set of blast doors swished opened to allow him entry into the Sitting Room. A paradise hotel with quad-panel ballistic glass windows. From the looks of It, it was a beautiful evening outside. It made him smirk as the doors swished closed behind him.

"There you are. We've been waiting."

It was the voice of Jeremiah Kuze. An ugly old man with long white hair, standing resolutely stoic in a black business suit that seemed much to large for him. He was the Administrator today.

"Well. Where are the others? I thought you planned on bringing a few hackers to this meeting too."

Phil nodded and brushed against a white leather couch,

"Oh. They're on there way. Should I wait for them done in the lobby?"

"No. I'll have the hostess point them our way and a droid escort them up."

A beautiful woman with brilliant red hair entered the room quietly and smirked,

"Escorting hackers with a droid? You truly are losing your touch Kuze. Hm?"

The old man didn't flinch. The red haired woman simply smiled and took a seat. She wore a glittering silver business suit with a pencil skirt. Phil couldn't help but notice she was strikingly attractive. She seemed immortal and he couldn't place her age. Probably a Zeltron Intelligence Agent who had undergone cosmetic surgery to hide her skin pigment. The hair color gave it away.

"Phil Treymore. This is Commander Glauda Benise. Republic Intelligence. ...Commander, this is Jedi Phil Treymore."


"Mr. Treymore."

"Now. Since everyone's almost settled. We'll wait for the others before we begin."

Kuze withdrew a pen remote and tapped it lightly. The glass windows began to flicker and soon displayed a massive holo-graphic image of the Jedi Temple. It was an electronic blueprint taken during the reconstruction. Phil didn't even realize that Republic Intel had these kind of specs. He could see everything.

Kuze turned and spoke with distinction,

"Take a seat Mr. Treymore. The briefing will begin shortly."

Glauda gave a wave of her hand and offered a sarcastic quip. She hated formal meetings,

"Oh boy. I just can't wait."

Revan Altor

Dressed in a suit that fit him well but still didn't feel quite right on him, Revan headed towards the beautiful government building. It was well-decorated and Jason felt uncomfortable that so much money would be poured into making a security building look so good. Until he realized that there was nobody else around and only one guard at reception. Upon closer inspection he noticed that said guard was really an android, although definitely not noticeable until one was quite closer.

Hmm, smart disguise, Revan thought. They probably designed this foyer to be a kill zone. I'm sure they have hidden vantage points for snipers and security droids behind hidden panels all over the place. And they can probably raise heavily reinforced shields over any entrances and exits to trap in here as well. I doubt any frontal assaults could even get into the elevators. And after that who knows what else this place holds.

Feeling better about heading for this meeting. Revan strode past security and entered the elevators. Reaching forward, he stabbed his finger onto the second floor button and waited for the lift to arrive. As the doors slid open, a droid was there waiting to escort him into the briefing area. As he entered the room he saw three people sitting or standing.

One he knew as he had worked with her on missions before; Commander Glauda Benise. This was the first time he had ever seen her in person as Revan usually only worked with handlers through scrambled calls or untraceable messages. However he usually did not operate on Coruscant which could explain why he had never met the Commander in person.

The second person was an old man in a business suit. Most likely the Republic Security officer in charge of the case or at least the briefing. The third was a youngish looking man, late 20s or early 30s. Revan couldn't quite figure out who he belonged to. His best guess was that he was either a Jedi or some rising star in Republic Security. He'd have to wait and find out though.

As he entered the room the other three turned to look at him. He gave a quick nod to the men in the room and moved to sit on the couch beside the young man. As he passed Commander Benise he gave her a nod,


Sitting down he looked over towards the screen that showed a blueprint of the Jedi Temple. Smirking a little, he now figured he knew who the man he was sitting beside was. He was most likely a Jedi. Revan had never worked with a Jedi before so this would make for an interesting mission. He leaned back into the couch as he waited for the briefing to begin.

Olidiv Kenu

Behold, a Swordsman of Legend
Olly had been aksed to come in and lend a hand, and he did, figuring it couldn't hurt to make a few friends in Republic command. He could trace data, he could make programs, he could crack, or make, code. He wasn't the best money could buy, but he was a rare commodity--a slicer who could defend himself if things got hairy.

Olidiv Kenu did the one thing a slicer rarely did--he dressed expensively for the meeting, in his lucky red suit coat and matching burgundy Jhodpurs, light grey boots, and silver dress shirt. He'd been asked to consult with the Coruscant Cybercrime division, although, for security reasons, they're hadn't been a brilliant amount of details. He walked into the room, nodding the various folks filling it. Almost entirely human, go figure. He was, as usual, the only man on methane in the room, but that was fine. He waves with his upper-right arm while his two lower arms pulled a data pad from his suitcase. "Good afternoon, folks," he said, nodding to the room. Young people mostly. Not surprisingly, slicing was the game of the young.

He nodded to everyone, keeping his walking stick/deadly hidden sword on him as he sat down. He he eyed the room through his gas mask, appraising them. "So, Mr. Phil, I believe you were the one who asked me to provide a consultation. Are we expecting any other...specialists to arrive?" He had to choose his words carefully. Most of these folks were slicers and info-dealers, but those names brought risky connotations with them. He didn't want to offend anyone until he knew better about the motley crew before him.

Tavjurn Phil

Kuze gave a gruff nod and answered instead,

"No. We are all here. So let's begin."

Phil shrugged to Kenu and the meeting began with gusto. The lights dimmed and the screen shifted to a topographical overview of the Nihama District of Coruscant City. It was a modern, if complicated, urban sprawl. Kuze lead off,

"As many of you know the many wars fought by the Republic and the Sith Empire have caused a great deal of strife throughout the galaxy. Turning many well meaning families, cities, and even planets into burn-outs and refugees. Coruscant is no exception. Here in the capital we have been experiencing wave after wave of new immigration. Many of these people being war refugees from the struggles abroad. With almost eighty percent of them gathering to the lower levels of the Nihama Refugee District in downtown Coruscant City. Now, the Senate is aware of the situation and has been doing what it can to help these newcomers. However, their prime concern is the War Effort against the Sith and I'm afraid Immigration Reform is slow-coming at best. So we won't be seeing a happy ending to this situation anytime soon."

He pressed a button and the screen shifted to show a large unique symbol. A hammer with three circles around it's head. Kuze continued,

"This is the symbol of the New Red Faction. A group of digital/political dissidents who oppose the War Effort and are demanding faster Immigration Reform from the Senate. They are also lead by wild and dangerous Religious Extremists who despise The Jedi Order for what they believe is a War Mongering political agenda over the Senate's decisions. Now, the NRF is believed to be composed strongly of the refugee populations found within the Nihama Refugee District. Intelligence provided by Commander Benise here has already confirmed they have a strong recruitment presence and digital infrastructure in the area. So we believe Nihama to be a hot bed of this type of digital-insurgent activity as well."

Phil perked up his head,

"So these are guys behind the Slicing Attempt against the Jedi Temple last week?"

Kuze didn't flinch,

"We believe so, yes."

Glaudia waved away the comment with a wishful air and interjected,

"The NRF are only one of three organizations that claimed responsibility for the attack inside their little private circles. They are calling it a private victory for religious freedom around the Net. The start of a people's revolution against the oppressive Jedi Order."

Kuze nodded,

"Exactly. No one else has as much information or motivation as the NRF. So we are going to strongly assume that are the ones behind the Slicer Hacks against the Jedi Temple."

Phil shrugged,

"So where does Kenu and Altor fit in? I mean. You asked me to bring some fresh faces along, right?"

Kuze nodded,

"Yes indeed. It appears that during their last Op, Commander Benise and her team were compromised to the NRF. They had their covers blown and barely escaped the Nihama District with their lives. So we won't be using her team on this one."

Glaudia scoffed and shifted uncomfortably in her chair. Kuze ignored it and continued,

"In the mean time I need two agents to infiltrate the Nihama Underworld and find out where the NRF Leadership is hiding. The Jedi Order is already planting traps inside their Network to catch these criminals when they strike again. When we have the evidence we need that proves the NRF is behind these attacks, I want Republic Security to launch a raid against their hideout. We'll catch them red-handed. But I can't do that without knowing where they are hiding first."

Phil raised an eyebrow but Kuze interrupted him,

"And yes Master Treymore. You will be going with them to ensure that all the Jedi Artifacts are numbered and accounted for. We here at the Ministry we understand your Order's priorities very well. So you will be included in this operation as a witness. Is that understood?"

Phil nodded,

"I understand completely Mr. Kuze. Thank you for your cooperation."

The old man scoffed and stood up straight.

"Good. Then we'll begin immediately. Treymore, Altor, and Kenu will be dispatched by Airspeeder to the Nihama Refugee District underneath the Skylevel. Commander Benise and I will handle operations back here at Headquarters. You'll all be undercover as refugees, so dress accordingly. Is that understood."

Kuze scowled and waited for anyone to ask a question. The mission was about to being.

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Revan Altor

Revan sat through the briefing quietly. Operations like this were standard for Intelligence operatives but this NRF had to be good to be able to blow the cover of Intel operatives and Commander Benise. They were going to have to be very careful in inserting themselves into the operation. And their covers would have to be quite strong if they hoped to get anywhere useful in the organization. As the briefing finished, Kuze asked if there were any questions. Sticking his hand up, Revan asked,

"A few questions before we head out sir.

First of all, how did the NRF managed to reveal Commander Benise and her unit? How was their cover blown?

Second, do we have much intel on this faction as a whole? Do they have separate divisions within the faction that we could exploit? What about different operational commands like Security, Data, etc...?

Finally, do we have cover prepared or will we have to devise our own? I doubt we could pass off as being refugees who have been on Coruscant for some time. We are all too well fed to pass for that and we will need to come up with strong covers so we don't get discovered right away. They will be on very high alert now that they have discovered we have already tried to infiltrate them."

Having asked his questions and voiced concerns, Revan sat back to await the answers.

Olidiv Kenu

Behold, a Swordsman of Legend
Olidiv decided to interrupt, with a calm, but helpful suggestion. "I think I can help with that. Admittedly, your group does look a bit too healthy to pass as typical refugees. However, if we give you the right gear, it's an easier sell. I'm a theatrical performer, and making people look like someone they're not is a bit of a skill of mine." He nodded. "If the commander consents to it, I'll call in my company to provide some make-up and clothing--of course, I can make up a story about having to settle a bet with a Senator or something, and bill you later. Something a bout a military dramatic production of the Balmorran Misery, or some other play about the struggles of the modern poor. You're too well-fed to pose as a starving refugee, but if I use a little make-up and padding we can easily disguise the muscle mass as bloat from a variant case of the Catorian Flu, at least for a few days. As for me, since I am a methane breather, and very few people know Morseerian anatomy, I should be fine. A little pallor here and there, and some sag in my arms, and even other Morseerians will believe I'm old and tired, provided the costume looks poor and shoddy enough," he said calmly.

He looked to Ruze. "If you don't have a specific cover, I think having myself pose as a battlefield medic 'treating' refugees--including your team--for their unique flu and stabilizing their symptoms would be sufficient cover. Provided the two of you feel prepared to play the part of angry refugees on the mend from an exotic, weaponized flu--and blaming the Republic for it, giving us sufficient reasons to be seen as sympathetic allies by our terrorist friends." He smirked under his mask as he looked around the room. He was the right man for this job, apparently.

"And, since I'm the only person who knows the properties of said non-existent weaponized disease, you can come to me for treatment. I'll be the hand-off guy for information going to command and back to you two. No one's gonna be shocked for a doctor disappearing at regular intervals, as long as he comes back with a sack full of medicine," he said calmly. "So, there's a plausible cover, at least, one we can consider. A group of soldiers, two infected with a Republic bio-weapon, one spared, conveniently, by his need for a respirator. It explains our military skill, our reason for hiding underground, and our desire for vengeance against the Republic." He waited to hear the thoughts of his colleagues. After all, it couldn't just be him monologuing all day. That wouldn't be fun.

Revan Altor

Revan thought over the proposed plan. It was a fairly decent cover but there were some issues with it.

"Just a couple of things about your plan Olidiv. First if we say it is a Republic bio-weapon we are giving them a massive piece of propaganda to use against us. Especially since most bio-weapons are either banned or frowned upon at the very least. In addition to that, I don't think make-up and padding would be sufficient to fool them that we have been infected. They will be expecting to see real symptoms and would most likely want to study us to learn more about it. Finally, if we go the bio-weapon route, most of them tend to be quite infectious otherwise what is the point of them. We would be immediately quarantined so that we don't spread the infection to the rest of their group.

I think your plan is quite a good one but I believe we need to pick something that is somewhat rare, non-contagious, and has mild symptoms. We can develop an antidote or treatments for it so that the symptoms themselves are slowly contained over the course of several days. That way we show we were ill, but it's not something they would probably look into and with only mild symptoms those of us who will be actually infected with it won't suffer too much. We have to make this believable or we are dead."

Looking around at everyone else, Jason cocked his head and asked,

"So what do we think?"
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