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Cutting Ties

Castle Bast seemed a bit darker than usual. Maybe it was the acid rain flowing over the shielded windows, or even the fact that the Moon was nowhere to be found in the night sky. From his window, Adron stared up at the barren sky, his expression calm and solemn. He glanced down to the desk beside him, where his lightsaber sat. It had been disassembled and cleaned, while the outer casing had been given a thorough polish. Taking the weapon, he clipped it to his belt and made his way towards the door.

The black and crimson suit he wore was rather symbolic to his goal for the evening.

The door to his room came open just as Adron’s hand reached for it. The withered form behind the door carried a curious expression. “Young lord?” Vincent said, arching his brow at the man before him.

“Excuse me. But I saw your light was on. Would you care for some tea or something to eat? You are up awfully late.” Glancing back into his room, he smiled a bit before turning back to the older man hunched down before him. Resting a hand on the servant, Adron shook his head. “No, Vincent. Why don't you go to bed. Your Mistress will be upset if you overwork yourself.” Adron stated, pressing into the man’s mind with the subtle push of The Force.

“Yes… “ he started, his tone a bit monotone for a moment. “I believe I will retire. My Lady will be upset if I overwork myself. Good night, Young Lord.” Vincent would offer before turning down the hall, away from the guest halls.

Adjusting the crimson tie around his neck, Adron turned towards Vincent’s departure, the raven haired man could hear the ragged coughs erupting from the man. Time was working against the kind old man.

Without a word, Adron turned away from the direction Vincent had departed. No one would see him, and unless someone of incredible power was trying to find him, no one would sense him. He had wrapped himself in a canvas of The Dark Side. He was now invisible, to both the eyes and The Force.

Adron’s steps were slow, yet deliberate. He had considered the consequences of what was to happen this night, and accepted them.

Finding himself standing before Kei’s room in the castle, the Dark Jedi pulled his lightsaber from its place on his waist. With his free hand he would raise a finger towards his friends door. The softest of clicks erupting as the door was opened via the Invisible tendrils of The Force. The door would not creak as it was opened by Adron. To anyone watching, it would appear the door had simply come open of its own accord.

Passing the threshold into the room, Adron approached his slumbering friends side. The holoemitter Kei usually employed was not on in this moment. Now, all Adron saw was a sleeping beast, awaiting rampage. He peered down at him, looking at the living armor that had nearly taken over every bit of Kei’s humanity.

This had to be done. In the recent weeks even Kei himself had noticed the danger of his existence. So Adron had decided to solve the problem.

In the Empire, he had learned how to handle potential problems. Eliminate them.

The snaphiss of a lightsaber could be heard, as a violet hue covered the room. His blade flew in coordination with the sound, aimed to sever Kei’s head.

[member="Kei Raxis"]

Kei Raxis

The Dead One
Kei almost welcomed sleep.

He hadn't really experienced a good nights sleep since the day the Sith armour trapped him, clung to his body like someone had welded it directly to his flesh. They had tried everything to seperate the man from the armour and everything had failed. They were one and the same, and Kei had grown to accept that. He'd grown to accept the sleeplessness that came with having extrmemely large spikes sticking out from one's body.

Those moments that he could sleep were bliss. The sleeplessness completely took over him, casting him into the shadows of sleep as his brain all but shut down. It was during those moments that he was vunerable, not feeling out in the force. The armour was eating away at his flesh while he slept, Kei couldn't stop it and Kei had accepted that he couldn't stop it. He'd accepted that the armour would eventually kill him.

And then he felt serious pain.

Why was everything black? Why couldn't he open his eyes? He heard the sizzle of a lightsaber. Everything hurt, he couldn't open his eyes. He tried, he tried to force himself to open his eyes. He couldn't, he couldn't do anything. Everything hurt, everything was pain. The blackness took over, he couldn't open his eyes, he tried to force himself to open his eyes and he couldn't, nothing worked. He couldn't feel the force, couldn't move his arms.

He was consumed by the darkness.

He was dead.

[member="Adron Malvern"]
[SIZE=11pt]Adron’s face was contorted in disgust as Kei’s severed head fell to the floor. He let out a deep exhale, not realizing he had been holding his breath for some time. His hand had turned blood red, caused by the death grip he had formed around his lightsaber. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]The weapon fell to the floor beside Adron as he looked to the result of his actions. There was a soft sizzle that came from Kei’s neck, as the heat from the lightsaber cut began to dissipate, it too died down. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]The rise and fall of Kei’s chest had ceased, yet his body was not entirely still. The armor that plagued him began to shift and mold in a grotesque manner. It was as if the armor was writhing, the pain of it’s hosts death was driving it mad. Adron took a cautious step back, however the movement must have alerted the armor to his presence. Like a wild beast it lashed out, two elongated appendages wrapping themselves around Adron’s wrisk. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]“No!” True fear bled from the Dark Jedi. Orbalisk armor was a living tomb. It fed off of the wearer’s presence in the Dark Side of the Force and was presumed to be impossible to remove. It was nearly indestructible, bit that was not worth the life of eternal pain. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]He fought to free himself of the Armor’s grip, but he may as well have attempted to pull free of durasteel binders. The armor was alive and sentient, and hungered for a new host. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]“No, damn it!” He called out, the armor slowly sliding up his arms, each inch it krept up, he could feel the teeth digging into his skin, finding home in his body. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]“Agh!” With a final yell, Adron called on the Dark Side of the Force. From underneath the armor, loud cracks could be heard as a shining light bled through the openings the armor had. The armor reeled back, a loud, angry screeching echoed out as it released it’s grip on Adron. Once free of the armor, he flexed his fingers, an array of blue lightning streaks washed over the armor, forcing it away from him. His hands burned from the force he was using but he had to be sure the armor was fully subdued. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]After a near minute of continuous electricity, the armor had died down into a small cocoon. The man was sure many of the orbalisks had died. Yet the movement within the sphere showed some of the creatures still lived. “Damn beasts…” He muttered before glancing over to Kei’s corpse. Adron unceremoniously kicked the orbalisk cocoon to the other side of the room while he made his way over to Kei. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]Bending down, Adron turned his head away as he picked up the man’s head, placing it on the body. He had to swallow when he finally released it, pressing a hand on the man’s chest. “I'm sorry …. But I like to think we were friends.” Adron muttered, before leaning down and speaking in a soft tone. “I wasn't sure if I was strong enough for this. But in the end I was, thank you.” His hand fell to Kei’s waist, where his lightsaber sat. Taking the weapon, and retrieving his own, he clipped the weapon to his waist before turning to leave the room. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]There would be a lot of work to done to ensure Kei’s body was sent home, and the orbalisks to a safe location. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]The night had only begun. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt][member="Kei Raxis"][/SIZE]