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Meret Blackmoon

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Name: Meret Blackmoon

Faction: Lords of the Fringe

Rank: Governor

SPECIES: Meret is a hybrid. Her mother was from Kiffu and her father was from Naboo. She favors her father in her appearance. Her demeanor from time to time is that of a Kiffar.

Gender: Female

Age: 28 standard years

Height: 5’5”

Weight: 130 lbs

Eyes: Light Blue

Hair: Blond

Skin: Pale but with long exposure to the sun a splash of bronze freckles across the bridge of her nose

Non Force Sensitive

Meret comes from two worlds and struggles with an internal conflict. She is a warrior trapped inside the body and mindset of a diplomat. When she was a young girl she wanted to be a sniper but knew her path was that of a politician.


Naboo School Room

Teacher “ Meret, what professional path do you wish to follow?” Meret looked at her father and starts to mouth the word sniper. His piercing blue eyes gaged her vocalization. She covered her mouth with her hand to stop the word from escaping into ether. Her liquid blue eyes gaze into the teacher’s eyes as her sweet whisper said ”Diplomat just as my parents.”


Physically fit and attractive, has a chameleon ability to change her appearance to blend in---she can look older or younger
Well read, aware of social protocols, knows how to use her talents.


Adrenaline junkie, delicate jewelry, men, water

Biography: Meret's story begins with her parents. Sam Blackmoon came from a prominent family from Theed, Naboo. Meret favors her father in appearance but her spirit was that of her mother, a Kiffar warrior, Checca Blush. Meret lived in two opposing worlds and constantly struggled with her place in the galaxy. She could read the thoughts of inanimate objects like her mother as she could quote poetry like her father. In her early teens Meret went with her parents on humanitarian expeditions. She was trained as a sniper and a medic to protect herself and other members of the expeditions. Sam schooled her on the finer things in life. Checca taught Meret how to survive and use her power.

One expedition Meret met a young Sargon Vynea, a Sith and member of the Lords of the Fringe. She believed that there are no coincidences in this life. On there second encounter, she joined the Fringe.

Ship: None Meret has no use for ships. She usually uses ships that belong to others or takes transports

Kills: None

Bounties: None


Cool Bio @[member="Meret Blackmoon"] i wonder if we shall ever RP together, i would like to it would be interesting