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I have a ship my character already bought, but I plan on it being modified more and more to fit her personally, be her personal signature ship. I plan on submitting smaller updates to the Factory through time, showing her gradual improvements like Anakin's Twilight (RIP Twilight, third best Star Wars ship aside the Ghost and the MF itself. The Twilight was done dirty by Filoni...)

Question is, how would I go about that? Would I be submitting an edited version of the original ship or what? I already have some stuff I bought to be added to the ship, do I just add those as add one and replacement equipment? Also, I plan on having custom paint jobs, but my edits are horrible, lol!

Thank you!
~ Gwyn.

Laira Darkhold

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Couple of easy options.

You could sub a unique version of that ship when you get ready to first modify it, and then just do Submod Requests whenever you want to tweak it.


You can just RP it


So long as you aren't just ripping the Factory Template, you could just keep a blog post (IE, if you aren't yoinking the ratings and messing with them, you'll probably be fine).


You could do a combo of the above. Use a Blog to keep up with all the variant pictures and minor adjustments (like interior set up, fixes, swapping shields for your character's preference, messing with junk, etc) and Submod a unique version of the ship whenever you wanna play with the ratings.

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John Locke

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I've moved this over to the factory discussion for you.

In terms of how to approach this, with the permission of Gideon what I'd suggest is making a submission for your ship, and then sub-mod it to update it as you change it as Laira suggests. Or you could just RP and not keep a record of the changes made to it since the factory is optional.

However, if you do choose to quantify the submission then it should be done through the factory, so your option really is if you want to have a quantified submission or not. There are plenty of people on the site who don't ever sub their ships since the ratings of a ship aren't really that impactful on most RPs. The choice of this is up to you.