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Approved Tech Cusaeris Armour

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Anya Venari

Star Queen Tirathana VII

Source: Mass Effect 3 Reckoner Armour

Intent: To develop cultural armour for the Eldorai Angelii. This armour is significantly weaker than outsider protection against blasters and lightsabres, but strong against the weapons the Eldorai are used to facing.
Development Thread: Yes: http://starwarsrp.net/topic/21655-eldorai-armoury-101-siobhan
Manufacturer: Eldorai Armouries
Model: Body Armour
Affiliation: Kaeshana Confederation
Modularity: Colour can be changed either for display or camouflage reasons. The helmet can have a ceremonial crest added.
Production: Minor. All Angelii wear this armour, but since they number less than 10,000 all told….
Material: Plasteel, durasteel et al.
Description: The Cusaeris has been the Eldorai battle armour for its Angelii for centuries. It is not unlike Stormtrooper armour in that it provides an all-encompassing suit of armour which protected the user from a variety of threats.
The armour includes plating over the legs, chest, arms, a helmet, and a body glove to cover the joints and weak points.
The helmet could be sealed in place providing an airtight shell for the wearer. The armour incorporated fifteen minutes of emergency oxygen in case it was needed. It also includes a commlink and temperature regulator to try and help the wearer maintain a healthy body temperature. It does this by taking in outside air and cooling (or heating) it with a small unit on the back which links with the emergency air tank. It’s not very powerful, but it can be the difference between life and death. Naturally it doesn’t work in airless environments.

Whilst the armour is extremely strong against the traditional weapons the Eldorai use; stasers (low powered blaster equivilents), melee weapons, slugthrowers and shrapnel. However it is poor against the Sarix and Sarzmigar as well as modern blasters and especially weak against lightsabres.
These factors mean that unless the armour is combined with a Taegis the wearer has little protection against lightsabre or blaster attacks.

Classification: Multipurpose. Mainly anti-ballistic, anti-environment and anti-melee.
Weight: 10kg total.
  • Vs. Lightsabres – 2. Offers no effective protection.
  • Vs. Sarixi/Sarzmigari – 4. Offers protection only against glancing blows and low powered impacts.
  • Vs. modern blasters – 4. Offers protection only against glancing blows and low powered impacts.
  • Vs. Stasers and slugthrowers – 7. Provides good protection against glancing blows and direct hits to the most armoured sections.
  • Vs. Regular melee attacks – 8. Unless a weak point is hit, the armour can resist repeated attacks with little damage.
  • Vs. Shrapnel and environmental hazards (fire, etc) – 9. Able to resist repeated exposure with little harm.
  • Overall 5. Although outclassed on the modern battlefield it’s better than nothing, and very useful for environmental hazards.
Other Feature(s): Rebreather, 15 minutes air supply, communicator, temperature regulator, ammunition/supply storage.
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